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Join our GP Tuition at our Bedok and Tampines tuition centres to cultivate reflective thinking and writing proficiency to ace the A Level General Paper examinations. Our tuition programmes are available for both JC1 and JC2 students, who will be taught by experienced tutors of These programmes will be beneficial as we teach your child to approach GP issues inquisitively and express arguments logically.

We are also exam-oriented in our teaching as the lessons are geared towards the acquisition of GP essay writing and comprehension skills, which are developed through regular class practices to ensure that your child is familiar with the variation of questions. As such, we will prepare your child for academic success at the examinations.

What’s New at GP Tuition

Explore and comprehend GP issues meaningfully with our online learning features. In this section, you can learn more about the latest features that can support your child’s study of General Paper, such as thematic discussion of GP issues and useful study tips to improve answering techniques for essays and comprehension questions.

Fake news and its impacts on modern societies

Ever since the watershed electoral victory in the United States of America in 2017, the issue of fake news has became a hot topic for discussion. In this issue, you can delve into the topic of fake news to understand its significance, like the damaging effects on media credibility on societies.

The relevance of censorship

Given the negative influences of mass and new media technology, such as the rise of social networks, both the governments and non-governmental organisations have considered the imposition of censorship to curb these harmful effects. Read to learn more about the value of censorship.

Why Join our GP Tuition

Our GP Tuition programmes for JC1 and JC2 students will be effective for the cultivation of exam-smart essay writing and comprehension answering skills, which are critical components to attain A in General Paper examinations. In this section, you can learn more about the benefits of our GP tuition programmes.

We nurture your child to reflect on GP issues

We teach your child to pay attention to the details of GP issues by considering multiple viewpoints. By doing so, your child will develop a keen sense of observation to think carefully and provide well-developed answers to predict the possible underlying factors and impacts of certain issues on societies.

We equip your child with GP essay and comprehension skills

We impart your child with the skills to answer GP essay and comprehension questions. For GP essay writing, we teach your child to organise the essay, form concise and persuasive paragraphs. For GP comprehension, we support your child in answering short questions, summary and AQs.

We prepare your child for the examinations

More importantly, we are focused on preparing your child for the challenges of the examinations by conducting thematic discussion and revision, supplemented by timed practices. This ensures that your child can complete the GP essay and comprehension questions on time.

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Paving the way for an inter-connected education network

As a learning portal for parents of JC students, who are studying A Level General Paper, those who reside in the Eastern part of Singapore can refer to the Tampines Tuition Centres portal. This portal enables parents and students to access information relating to primary, secondary and JC education. Also, there are distinctive features that allow students to speed up their comprehension process, such as the inclusion of education videos and smart learning applications. Therefore, Tampines Tuition Centres is an online education platform that supports the academic development of students comprehensively.

JC Tuition

Preparing for real-world challenges

Tampines Tuition Centres offers JC tuition programmes, like GP, Economics, Math and Chemistry, to aid students in their academic pursuits towards success at the A Level examinations. During the tuition classes, students will develop the keen sense of observation and critical thinking skills to solve problems effectively.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - JC General Paper Tuition

JC GP Tuition

Become proficient writers and thinkers by exploring real world issues at the JC GP tuition classes. Students will be introduced to different themes, like Science and Technology, Culture and Environment.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - JC Economics Tuition

JC Economics Tuition

Learn to identify trends and patterns by using economic tools at the JC economics tuition programmes. Students are taught specific Microeconomics and Macroeconomics concepts to tackle essays and case studies.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - JC Mathematics Tuition

JC Math Tuition

Develop problem solving skills at the JC Math tuition classes held at the featured centres. Students will learn to handle questions from a wide range of topics, like Complex Numbers, Sequence and Series, and Integration.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - JC Chemistry Tuition

JC Chemistry Tuition

Hone your observation and analytical skills with the JC Chemistry tuition classes. Students will learn to handle MCQs, structured and higher-order thinking questions, based on the A Level Chemistry chapters.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - JC History Tuition

JC History Tuition

Develop writing proficiency in handling A Level History essays and source based questions. The classes will include content enrichment and issue-based discussion to broaden knowledge and facilitate reflective thinking of historical matters.

Secondary Tuition

Ascend the educational ladder

Tampines Tuition Centres will prepare secondary students for the O Level examinations through the conduct of tuition programmes, like English, Math and Chemistry. The classes will be exam-oriented, in which students will learn to tackle challenging questions that test their ability to integrate knowledge from various chapters.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Secondary English Tuition

Sec English Tuition

The secondary English tuition programmes involves the practice of question types, like situational writing, continuous writing, as well as narrative and descriptive comprehension questions.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Secondary Economics Tuition

Sec Economics Tuition

The secondary Economics tuition programme involves the development of efficient essay writing techniques and skills to tackle data response questions, with the consideration of the major economics themes.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Secondary Math Tuition

Sec Math Tuition

The secondary Math tuition will train students, who are taking either A or E Mathematics at the O Level, such that they can adapt to the question variants for Paper 1 and Paper 2.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Secondary Chemistry Tuition

Sec Chemistry Tuition

The secondary Chemistry tuition classes are effective in preparing students for the examination as they will undergo topical re-teaching and skills-based practice to answer questions succinctly.

Primary Tuition

Begin your journey on the right foot

Tampines Tuition Centres feature primary tuition classes that will cater to both lower and upper primary students. As the ultimate objective is to prepare students for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), the tutors from the featured tuition centres in Tampines will conduct primary English, Math, and Science classes to impart the knowledge and skillsets for students to be exam-ready.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Primary English Tuition Icon

Pri English Tuition

Learn the basics of the English Language by understanding grammar and vocabulary through situational discussions and games in the primary English tuition.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Primary Math Tuition Icon

Pri Math Tuition

Develop numeracy skills via the primary Math tuition and learn to identify mathematical notations that will support students in their subsequent development.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Primary Science Tuition Icon

Pri Science Tuition

Explore the world of Science with tutor-led demonstrations at the primary Science tuition classes as students learn to observe intriguing scientific processes.

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eLearning Features

Achieving a well-rounded education via tech-oriented means

Tampines Tuition Centres boasts a wide range of comprehensive E-Learning features provided by MobileLearners to aid students fortify their learning techniques. Students of GPTuitionSingapore will be able to leverage on our E-learning tools to enhance learning and gain more insight, knowledge and skills.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Educational videos by GPTuitionSingapore will be able to engage and help students grasp difficult concepts. Here, students will find a huge variety of educational videos ranging from online classes to informative ones that will be sure to intrigue all our users.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

The Tampines Tuition Centres mobile app is available to students at no cost on googleplay and the app store. The app will allow students to get the latest updates on our featured tuition centres such as GPTuitionSingapore, as well as access educational materials and participate in competitions, events and many other activities.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - ebooks and publications

eBooks and Publications

Tampines Tuition Centres has a section dedicated to eBooks and Publications that students can take reference from. It serves as a digital library for students to find out more about the subjects they are taking by supplementing them with knowledge that will help broaden their horizons. The insightful content found in this section are contributed by tutors of our featured tuition centres, and GPTuitionSingapore is proud to be one of them.

GP Tuition Singapore - Tampines Tuition Centres - Education News

Education News

The education news section allows students of GPTuitionSingapore to stay updated with the latest happenings in the education scene and around the Tampines Neighbourhood. Students will also be able to find useful examination study tips as well as techniques to help them in their studies.

Education Portals

The Most Extensive Educational portals in Singapore

Tampines Tuition Centres is a regional education portal which forms a part of our extended network of educational portals that seek to serve students, parents and educators in Singapore. We also have level specific portals that cater to students of specific levels as well as subject specific portals. At the apex, stands SGEducators which aims to provide a common integrated platform for students, educators and parents to interact and harness information from.

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