Student Internship Programme

We want to revolutionise the Humanities tuition market in Singapore. We want to change the ways people learn and think – and that does not stop after you have completed your A-levels. Our unique and exclusive alumnae internship programme continues to help you soar, allowing you to make a difference to your juniors and learn invaluable practical skills.

Building our students, for our students

At GP Tuition Singapore, we believe that your journey with us does not stop after Junior College. You have learned with us in the classroom–now, learn with us on the job. With demand for effective and directed academic guidance in the country and region at an unprecedented and growing level, there has never been a better time to delve into this dynamic and exciting field. If you see yourself carrying on the good work of your tutors and helping us make this enterprise a national and regional success, then we’d be glad to work with you again.

Exclusive to our former students, our highly selective internship programme takes in a small number who best fit the needs and culture of our fast-growing and fast-moving firm, hand-picked by our CEO and Principal Tutor, Mr. Simon Ng.

Teaching & Content Development Intern

You derive joy and fulfilment from moulding and preparing young minds to meet their myriad immediate and distant challenges, just like your tutor did when you were in JC. You believe that rigorous mental training and the building of habits of mind is the solution to widespread ignorance and oblivion. You are acutely aware of the high-stakes educational race and the many hoops you have jumped through, and want to make sure that nobody has doors shut just because they can’t play the game. Or maybe, you’ve just become really good at passing exams–and believe that others can be, too. After all, didn’t our firm help you to do exactly that, not so very long ago?

You will assist our tutor-partners in the design and delivery of teaching materials to students at the Secondary and Junior College levels. Whether by fleshing out pedagogical ideas and outlines with interesting and pertinent elaboration and packaging, or by engaging students with specific yet scintillating lessons as a substitute tutor, you will be exposed to the ins and outs of life as an educator. This will prepare you for a career in public or private education or training.

Information Technology Intern

Computing is your lifeblood. You believe that the educational methods of the 20th century must be revamped and brought up to speed with the technologies, trends and demands of the 21st. You believe that the worksheet will one day go the way of the slide rule or the slate board, and want to send it into history.

You will assist our Head of Learning Technology and his IT team to develop the most user-friendly and effective learning tools. These tools will allow our in-centre students to augment their learning with on-demand access to resources or even interactive help, while playing a key role in our diversification and expansion into the region and beyond.

Marketing & Business Development Intern

You believe that what is made, must be sold. You recognise the importance of a sound promotional path and shrewd business acumen in allowing even the most sterling product to scale and secure the market. Markets move fast, and minds move faster, so you want to help us surf the market and be imprinted in potential customers’ minds.

You will assist our CEO and Principal Tutor, Mr. Simon Ng, and his business development team to promote our product and improve our brand awareness, while playing your part in determining our future, ruddering this ship into uncharted seas. Every bus stop, magazine page or social media site is potentially our canvas, which you will help fill. Leave your mark on the education sector!

Talent is cheap, ability is priceless

We believe in rewarding those who show both a loyal commitment to the firm and the sector, and an indefatigable thirst to learn and a keen practical orientation. Interns can expect a market-competitive honorarium. We place our people first, and will give former interns special consideration when expanding our permanent team.

Hear from our GP students/interns

We are proud to share the successes achieved by other students who have signed up for our internship programme after taking part in our GP tuition classes.

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