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SGEducators was set up as in online education guide for JC GP students who seek to find out more about the education in Singapore. Given the rapid pace of technological development, our lifestyles are shaped by the advancements, as seen by the increase usage of smartphones and online sources to access information, as compared to the traditional references to newspapers and brochures. As such, we took note of that consideration and formed SGEducators to provide easy access to information about the education scene.

Useful & Comprehensive GP Articles, Notes, Essays at SGEducators

For JC students who are taking A Level General Paper, this education portal will be useful as they can read our GP articles that cover wide-ranging topics, like exam-oriented strategies and common errors that GP students tend to make. All these articles can be read conveniently via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The articles are written by experienced GP tutors, who have results-proven testimonials by former students that illustrated the effectiveness of their GP tuition classes.

By providing a more in-depth explanation of the GP Learning Resources, they are separated into three areas of focus: GP Articles, GP Notes and GP Essays. GP tutors featured in SGEducators believe that the arrangement will be useful for both students and parents who want to find out more about the subject.

Exam-Oriented GP Articles

The first aspect is ‘GP Articles’, which will cover the current affairs and general issues at the local and global level. The content is likened to the news articles found online and in traditional newspapers, but the GP tutors have extracted the key content and modified the writing to ensure that it is more exam-oriented. In particular, the topics, such as Science and Technology and Sports, are the possible themes that can be covered in the GP Comprehension and GP Essays sections of the A Level GP examination. Therefore, the GP tutors have selected relevant articles and included discussion questions to encourage reflective thinking and opinion development, which are crucial application skills.

In-Depth GP Notes

The second area is ‘GP Notes’ that will guide students in improving their comprehension of the different topics. The GP Notes will complement with the GP Issues as the former provides a more in-depth coverage of the thematic-based discussion of issues. The GP tutor will feature some of the GP Notes, such as the topic of Environment. The content is arranged in different sections, including key terms and definitions relating to Environment, the contributing factors to the problem of environmental pollution and impacts. GP Tutor Simon Ng of advised students to revise GP in this way as it facilitates the ease of comprehension and enables students to apply the knowledge more effectively during the A Level GP examination.

Thematic GP Essays

The third area is ‘GP Essays’, which will cover a wide range of questions, including past year exam GP essay questions, so that it builds familiarity and exam confidence. At SGEducators, GP essays written by the featured GP tutors will be posted and students can refer to these essays for their revision. The topics covered in the GP Essays are similar to the ones featured in the GP Issues. The issues discussed will be useful for students in their exam preparation, such as ‘whether new media has compromised people’s privacy’. The format of writing will either be in outline or continuous writing, so that students can use these references and attempt essay writing practices.

Learn from Experienced GP Tutors featured at SGEducators

For students who are desire to excel in their A Level General Paper examination, SGEducators features renowned GP tutors who can guide students to fulfil that aim. Tap on their vast wealth of teaching experience and knowledge in GP. One such GP tuition centre in Singapore is, which is managed by the best GP tutor Simon Ng. According to former students who have learnt from GP tutor Simon Ng, they have remarked on the effectiveness of the GP tuition programme, which led to significant improvement in their A Level GP grades.

The featured GP tutors at SGEducators are passionate in teaching. Through specific teaching methods, such as ‘Sensible Minds’ approach from, the GP tutors are versatile in guiding students from different starting points, so that they can grow and improve progressively.

For students and parents that have any queries and doubts regarding A Level General Paper or general matters about education, do not hesitate to approach our GP tutors. According to their feedback, the GP tutors noted that there were common questions raised about the subject, such as the appropriate ways to study GP. As for general issues, parents asked about the effectiveness of private GP tuition in comparison to GP group tuition. Therefore, we have set up SGEducators and featured these competent GP tutors to address the responses by parents and students.

Study Effectively via our Learning Apps

SGEducators also feature useful learning apps that are available on both the AppStore and Google PlayStore. The learning apps were created with the contributions of experienced GP tutors and other related tutors from various tuition centres in Singapore. As such, the content found in the apps are exam-oriented and easy to understand. For example, students can read the articles covering GP issues, GP Notes and GP Essays. Also, parents can find out more about the featured GP tuition centres in Singapore, as well as other related JC tuition centres via the SGEducators app.

JC Essays and Articles on SGEducators

Aside from the featured GP learning resources and GP tuition centres in SGEducators, students and parents can access educational resources for other related JC subjects, such as JC Economics Notes and JC Economics Essays. Similar to the GP resources, they are prepared by competent JC Economics Tutors, such as JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng of Economicsfocus. The articles cover a broad range of topics, such as the common mistakes students make for A Level Economics examination and the exam-friendly studying methods for students during the intensive revision phase. Find out more at SGEducators to stay updated on the latest education-related news and useful materials to enhance your learning.