Best JC Tuition Centres in Singapore

Students who are preparing for the A Level examinations, including General Paper, are bound to encounter learning setbacks that will cause them to question their own preparedness for the final hurdle in the pre-tertiary level of studies. One of the common issues is time management, given that most students have at least 6-7 subjects to juggle with. In addition, the rigorous demands of the examinations based on the latest A Level syllabus mean that students are expected to perform and meet the high standards set by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), in order to stay relevant in the competitive knowledge-based economy. As such, we offer a holistic education at our tuition centres in Singapore.



Offering different A Level Tuition programmes for students seeking to excel in their studies

Students can enroll with our tuition centres and sign up for the various programmes, such as GP tuition, Economics tuition and JC History tuition. The exam-oriented tuition classes are conducted by experienced JC GP, Economics and History tutors who are driven to nurture students towards attaining academic success.

Develop Rational Thinking with Economicsfocus

Achieve academic excellence for your A Level Economics with Economicsfocus. Be taught by one of the most sought-after Economics Tutor Simon Ng, who has helped countless students achieve A. Through the Rational Thinking teaching methodology, students will develop effective JC Economics Essay writing skills and case study question answering techniques.

Excel in Economics with Economics Tuition Bishan

Students who enroll in Economics Tuition Bishan will overcome their fears and self-imposed setbacks towards the study of A Level Economics. While it may seem like a daunting process, the JC Economics tutors will apply varied teaching methods that guide students in comprehending the economics concepts progressively.

Cultivate Sensible Minds at

Refine your thinking and writing skills at Under the tutelage of GP tutor Simon Ng, students will undergo extensive exam-oriented class practice to hone their comprehension answering techniques and JC GP essay writing skills. Also, students who join the GP tuition programme will receive concise revision materials that will help them to study efficiently.

Nurture Critical Thinkers at GP Tuition Bishan

The GP tutors at GP Tuition Bishan seek to nurture well-read and expressive students who will apply their broad knowledge of the current affairs to excel in the A Level General Paper examination. During the GP tuition programme, students undergo numerous issue-based discussion that will encourage reflective thinking and opinion development, so that they develop independent learning. Also, knowledge application skills are cultivated through extensive class practice, such as GP essay writing and GP comprehension Application Question (AQ).

Become Persuasive Writers at JC History Tuition

Grasp historical developments through our carefully-structured JC History tuition programmes that are conducted by proficient JC History tutors. During the History tuition classes, students will learn how to analyze information in the Source Based Questions (SBQs) and apply exam-oriented strategies to score in the JC History essay writing component. Also, thematic discussion and revision will students build a strong foundation in the content development aspect, so that they are competent and exam-ready.