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Our wide ranging JC tuition programmes will equip students to excel in their JC educational journey through the provision of a holistic education. It is designed to stimulate and enrich their minds so that they will be able to embark on an experiential learning journey through their JC stint. Our JC tuition programmes are headed by experienced tutors who have helped countless numbers of students achieve distinctions through the years.

Tuition Programmes

Programmes JC Students Can Choose From

Our featured tuition centres offer a multitude of sought after JC tuition programmes that will be sure to cater to every need.

JC GP Tuition Singapore - JC General Paper Tuition

JC GP Tuition

Our JC GP tutors will help students develop their comprehension and essay writing skills through proper guidance and progressive lessons so that they will develop competence in the subject.

JC GP Tuition Singapore - JC Economics Tuition

JC Economics Tuition

Economics tutors will ensure that students are well prepared for their economics paper by enforcing key economic concepts and skills during tuition programmes.

JC GP Tuition Singapore - JC Mathematics Tuition

JC Math Tuition

JC Math tutors are dedicated to ensuring students receive ample exposure and practice to the various question types surrounding the JC math syllabus. Through the constant provision of practice papers and topical tests, students will be able to gain confidence in the subject and tutors will be able to identify and improve upon student’s weak areas.

JC GP Tuition Singapore - JC Chemistry Tuition

JC Chemistry Tuition

JC chemistry is by no means an easy subject, but our chemistry tutors will help strengthen student’s grasp in the subject through topical tests, intensive revision classes as well as experimental demonstrations.

JC GP Tuition Singapore - JC Physics Tuition

JC Physics Tuition

Tutors of JC physics will present physics concepts and laws to students in an interactive and engaging manner, in the form of group projects and class discussions, so as to aid with retention of knowledge.

JC GP Tuition Singapore - JC History Tuition

JC History Tuition

Given the complexities students face while attempting history at the A levels, our JC history tuition programme will equip and develop students with techniques needed to excel in the subject.

A Level Syllabus

Be Informed Of Key Syllabus Changes

Understand the requirements of the A Level examinations by viewing the syllabus content information featured in JC Tuition Singapore. Students can derive a better understanding of the latest examination trends with the help of the experienced tutors from the various featured centres.

JC GP Tuition Singapore - A Level GP Syllabus

A Level GP Syllabus

The A level GP syllabus demands students to have a good grasp of key issues surrounding our world today and to develop opinions on how they shape the world around us. The GP paper consists of 2 papers, paper 1, the essay writing component and paper 2, the comprehension component.

JC GP Tuition Singapore - A Level Economics Syllabus

A Level Economics Syllabus

The A level economics syllabus exposes students to in depth knowledge into the world of economics and is increasingly focused on real world application of knowledge. The economics syllabus is presented in the form of 2 components, CSQ and essay writing all of which are required at the H1 and H2 level.

JC GP Tuition Singapore - A Level Chemistry Syllabus

A Level Chemistry Syllabus

Chemistry at the A levels requires students to have a wide range of different skill sets, namely analytical, observational and experimental ones. At the H1 level students are presented with 2 papers, MCQ and structured free response questions. At the H2 level, it includes 2 additional papers, the practical and free response papers.

JC GP Tuition Singapore - A Level Physics Syllabus

A Level Physics Syllabus

The A level physics syllabus requires students to have a keen awareness about the practices of science as well as key physics concepts. Physics at the H1 level consists of 2 papers, MCQ and structured free response questions. At the H2 level, it constitutes an additional 2 papers, the practical and free response papers.

JC GP Tuition Singapore - A Level Maths Syllabus

A Level Math Syllabus

Math at the A levels builds upon students’ foundation in mathematical knowledge and aims to extend it further into the intricacies of the mathematical realm. The mathematics paper is available in 2 components, paper 1 and paper 2. Paper 1 focuses on testing student’s knowledge on pure mathematics while paper 2 focuses on statistics.

JC GP Tuition Singapore - A Level History Syllabus

A Level History Syllabus

The A level history syllabus aims to help students understand and analyse and better appreciate how past historical events have shaped our present world. The A level history paper tests students on 2 components, source based questions and essay questions, with the H2 syllabus covering a greater depth and range of topics.

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Integrated Learning

JC tuition Singapore forms a part of our integrated network learning portals under SGEducators which feature region, level and subject specific portals. SGEducators is an all in one educational portal which aims to incorporate all aspects of learning under a single, easy to use platform. All our platforms work coherently to provide users with unparalleled learning experience.

Education News

Be in The Know, Always

JC Tuition Singapore is proud to have a dedicated news section for JC students. From syllabus updates, to the latest happenings at the JC level and more, we’ve got you covered. Here students will be able to find a wealth of information and articles contributed by tutors from our featured JC tuition Centres as well as relevant industry experts.

Career and Academic Guidance

Excel Beyond JC

JC Tuition Singapore offers career and academic guidance for JC students. Students can seek career and academic guidance from various avenues, our tutors as well as from career fairs that are Organised by SGEducators which aim to help students find direction and meaning after A levels.