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Join our JC 1 and JC 2 History Tuition programme at Bishan, Bedok, Tampines and Singapore to develop the knowledge proficiency and application skills that will help you to achieve your desired grade. We will undergo content revision for the different topics, like Cold War, United Nations, Political Stability and Inter-state Tensions, based on the pace of learning in school and requirements of the examinations.

In preparation for the A Level History examination, we feature exam-friendly learning ‘Study Boards’ that cover a wide range of topics, like Emergence of Bipolarity after WWII, A World Divided by the Cold War [e.g. Cuban Missile Crisis, Korean War] and the End of Bipolarity. Additionally, we also cover the Development of the Global Economy [such as the reasons for the growth of the global economy]. These topics are based on the Paper 1 and Paper 2 syllabus requirements set by the SEAB. Delve into these topics with our online resources and learn to apply your newfound knowledge to the answering of SBQ questions.

Much like Economics, A Level History is a humanities-related subject that complements with the study of General Paper. For students who have taken History at the secondary level, the overlapping content can be assuring, given that History is viewed by many as a content-intensive subject. While it is undeniable that History requires adequate knowledge about past events in order to analyze the developments, our JC History Tutor Justin Ng would like to point out that students that the apprehension is normal and common, as expressed by many students. Instead, students should approach the subject in an inquisitive way, much like how adolescents persist in asking the “why’s” of many processes that they observe.

The relevance of A Level General Paper to History can be seen in terms of the rigorous demands of idea expression and essay writing. Following the transition from narrative to argumentative writing, students have to adjust their writing methods to match the examination requirements, in order to excel in the subject.

Based on the Singapore Examinations Assessment Board (SEAB), the JC History curriculum is divided into two areas: International History and History of Southeast Asia. For International History, students will be taught issues on a thematic basis, such as the Cold War and the Development of the Global Economy. For History of Southeast Asia, students learn about the Political Structures and role of ASEAN. As for the examination format, students are tasked to answer two essay questions and one source based question (SBQ) for each of the two aforementioned areas within 3 hours.

Since the study of General Paper provides relevant and applicable writing and thinking skills for JC History students, it is essential that students learn how to process, analyse and extract information from the texts and sources. In addition, the expression and structuring of perspectives are vital, in order to provide convincing and coherent answers.

About JC History Tuition

JCHistoryTuition.com.sg was established by a group of like-minded JC History tutors that believed in the continual refinement of writing and analytical skills. The History tuition centres are situated at Bishan, Bedok and Tampines. The History tutors are committed in guiding students to overcome their learning setbacks and raising their writing skills, so as to become proficient students of JCHistoryTuition.com.sg. Our JC History tuition programme is planned and conducted by experienced tutors, whose passion for teaching has inspired many students to achieve excellence in the subject.

How can students benefit from JC History Tuition

The study of A Level History is a rewarding experience for students. Aside from the in-depth analysis of the historical developments, students learn how to arrange their ideas and structure arguments so that they can provide persuasive answers. The skills gained from the educational journey are important for students even outside classrooms as they have to present their points to address specific problems in the working world. For example, one of our former JC History Tuition student shared with us that he made use of his writing skills gained from the tuition programme to prepare a convincing proposal that was accepted by his supervisor. As such, it would be rash to jump to conclusions and brand the study of A Level History as a mere ‘regurgitation exercise’.

Cultivate observation and analytical skills

Learning History at the A Level is not solely about remembering the facts and figures of various key events. Instead, students who joined our JC History tuition programme realised that they learnt crucial skills that stressed the importance of having a keen eye for detail. The ‘detail’ refers to the assessment of the underlying causes and contributing factors to the historical developments. At our JC History tuition programme, students are encouraged to undergo active discussion in class, so as to refine the analytical skills. Our JC History tutors will pose questions to students in relation to the related theme. Over time, students will adapt to the changes and develop the sense of observation and analysis, so as to provide more in-depth study of the topics, which are the vital components of achieving excellence in this subject.

Develop an appreciation towards History

Contrary to popular belief, History is not a dull subject, if students approach in the right way. For those who are uncertain on the suitable direction to take, our JC History tutors have the solutions to that. During the JC History tuition classes, students will learn about the various historical developments in intriguing ways, so that they remain focused. Also, by developing this appreciation, students can retain the knowledge more effectively, which will ease the frictional learning process that students experience. We hope that students who achieve this will continue in the pursuit for knowledge and greater awareness of the current developments of the world.

About JC History Tuition Programme

The JC History tuition programme is carefully planned and structured by our JC History tutors who have ensured that the teaching content are updated to match the latest SEAB syllabus. The JC History programme can split into two aspects: Topical Re-Teaching and Class Practice.

For Topical Re-Teaching, our JC History tutors will undertake content enrichment and revision of the various themes that are examined in the A Level History syllabus. As it can be a daunting process for some students, such as the challenge of discerning relevant content to remember and apply, our JC History tuition classes will streamline that development, so that students need not worry about these time-consuming matters. Instead, students will receive concise revision materials that cover the key aspects of each topic. More importantly, to avoid the issue of narrative-based discussion in their answers, our study notes are structured in exam-oriented ways, so that students can apply the knowledge effectively.

For Class Practice, students will undergo extensive skills and content application, so that they can determine the degree of exam-readiness. Although it is not feasible for students to sit in and complete a full paper (3 hours long) during lesson time, the JC History tutors have structured the lessons to target specific components of the examinations. For example, we conduct essay writing skills development lessons for students to hone their answering techniques, such as paragraph development.

For more information about our regular JC History tuition classes and the intensive revision programme for J1 and J2 students, please refer to our schedule. Alternatively, if you have any doubts, please feel free to contact Simon Ng at 96890510 or email to simonngchinsun@gmail.com.

Hear from our students of JC History Tuition

Our JC History tutors would like to express their thanks towards students of JCHistoryTuition.com.sg for their persistence in surpassing their perceived limits and eventually achieving their desired aims for the A Level History examinations. Throughout the years, we are thankful for the timely feedback from our former students as they have helped us in the refinement of our JC History tuition programme. As much as the students improve their writing skills and knowledge, our tutors learnt from students and made adjustments to their teaching methods and content, so that future students can benefit from these changes. Read more to learn about the ups and downs of studying A Level History and how our students have overcame the odds.

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