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Before graduating from National University of Singapore, Principal GP Tutor Simon Ng has started as a private tutor for JC economics and General Paper. Throughout his tutoring experience, he has accumulated a vast experience on how to deal with the studying hindrances that students have faced and developed this passion to be a tutor. Simon takes pride and is passionate in helping students to score A for their examination and this has set his mind to be a professional tutor for JC economics and General Paper. To realize his passion in this field, he set his course to the establishment of the first few professional tuition portals in Singapore providing GP tuition and Econimics tuition through and Economicsfocus and subsequently, other learning portals like SGEducators.

You must be able to make credible opinions about the general matters in life to be considered as an intellect.

How Simon’s GP Tuition will prepare you for A

Over the past two decades, GP Tutor Simon Ng has developed and refined his GP tuition programme at Bishan, Tampines and Bedok to prepare JC1 and JC2 students to meet the demands of the A Level General Paper examination. Students who enrol in the GP tuition classes will gain exclusive access to GP notes and essays, as well as cultivation of exam-friendly essay and comprehension answering skills. In this section, find out how Simon can aid you in your quest to achieve academic success for General Paper.

Comprehension Answering Skills

The attainment of proficient comprehension answering techniques is a critical requirement for you to ace the GP examination. Our GP tuition classes will provide you with many learning opportunities for skills acquisition, such as information extraction, inference skills and organization of ideas.

Essay Writing Skills

The GP tuition features the development of essay writing skills, covering different components, like question analysis, outline setting, introduction writing and paragraph development. These skills are built and refined through the use of sample essays and class practices for student application.

GP Notes

Be intrigued by the diversity of GP issues as our GP tuition features notes for you to examine and comprehend topics that are likely to be tested at the comprehension and essay questions. Our notes are organised into separate issues and sectioned into parts, like key terms, arguments and impacts.

GP Essays

Be exam-ready with our GP essays, which are written by GP Tutor Simon Ng, who will show you how to write effectively and efficiently to achieve better grades for your examination. You can also view these GP essays at our learning portals, which will feature latest issues for your reference.

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An Engaging & Experienced Tutor

Simon is also a very engaging tutor who knows how to motivate students, especially for those who are weaker in their studies to overcome their obstacles in learning, especially for General Paper. He understands why some   students are unable to develop their causation in their writing and the problems they face in developing their flow of expressions. He knows why some students fail to accumulate a vast content of knowledge and why they are unable to derive examples and link them to their arguments, He empathizes the  frictions that students will feel when they are unable to express their arguments in a logical and expressive manner.

Talk as fast as you think and write as fast as you talk.

Simon understands how students who are weak in their studies feel about their learning and is patient and thoughtful in his approach of teaching. Seeing the problems from their perspectives, Simon is able to come out with very personalized solutions to help different students as every student is different from the other and will have unique issues of their own, In his course of the GP tuition, he works to raise the awareness of the students in their understanding of the errors they have made and devise the ways to correct them. He also emphasizes the need to be innovative and expressive in their writing, enforcing the idea that students must dictate their writing with their thinking and not letting their writing dictated by their language. Talk as fast as you think and write as fast as you talk, this is what Simon often says to his students to encourage them to be the prolific writer.

Cultivate Sensible Minds

As the principal tutor and founder of, Principal GP Tutor Simon Ng has firm beliefs in nurturing his students to develop Sensible Mind to shape them to become reflective thinker, prolific writer and articulative orator. His focus of learning is to develop his students’ abilities to talk as fast as they think and write as fast as they talk, spontaneous and articulative. Students must be able to share their views and comments intelligently and critically where arguments are made, developing their argument in a sensible and persuasive manner. He has always shared with his students that ‘one must be able to make credible opinions about the general matters in life to be considered as an intellect’ as this is the true essence of learning. He ardently and often encourages his students to speak up their opinions and views about GP issues he has raised during his GP tuition.

Economics Tuition Programme

Simon Ng is also the pioneering tutor for Economics tuition in Singapore. As the founder and principal tutor of Economicsfocus, he has developed one of the best Economics tuition programme in Singapore that has helped thousands of students to achieve academic excellence to further their careers in related fields over his twenty years of academic career as a lecturer and tutor for JC Economics.

In his economics tuition programme for jc students in Singapore, the focus is on skills development for essay writings and case study techniques where students will learn how to apply economics concepts into their writings for essay and answers for case study. The focus of the economics tuition is also on the expansion of knowledge acumen of economics issues as this is a subject that demands the empirical knowledge of the economic development in the real world.

Simon is also passionate in the teaching of economics as he shares the belief to imbue in students the economics acumen to develop problem-solving skills which will be great help in their career development of his ex-students.

Be the rational thinker, this is what Simon wants to teach and nurture.

Motivating his Students

Besides this, Simon is passionate about his teaching, stressing the need to enrich the intellectual acumen of the students. He believes in shaping students to like what they want to learn as the passion for the subject will be the pivotal factor that builds their determination to succeed and the resilience to overcome the obstacles in their learning. He strives to make students love General Paper as he finds it a very inspiring process when students develop their sensibility in life through the discourse of general Paper.

Initiating the Student Internship Programme

Holding to the view that education is the journey that makes good the life of a person, Simon has conceived this idea to further educate his students to prepare for the real world by setting up his internship programmes with his related companies, in the fields of education, IT and marketing. It is the aspiration of Simon to educate his students beyond the level of academic education, ensuring that they put what they have learnt in terms of writing and thinking into commercial activities. Simon believes in preparing his students for the future.

Graduate with a degree and a business, not a business degree.

In this globalized and interconnected world, Simon advocates the need for three critical areas of skills development; the language skills, the IT skills and most of all, the critical problem-solving skills. It is significant for his student to be the graduates of tomorrow, to become professionals of the knowledge-based economy. It is his firm belief to imbue in his students this belief that they will graduate from university with a degree and a business, and not just a business degree.

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