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GP Tutor Justin Ng, who graduated from National University of Singapore, teaches A Level General Paper and History, O Level English and Economics. Through the numerous interactions with the students during classes, Justin has developed specific skillsets to guide students through difficult concepts and help them improve their grades. Justin’s passion for teaching can be traced back to the belief that every student should be given the opportunity to grow and surpass their perceived limitations. As Justin acknowledges that studying General Paper can be a frictional process, his GP tuition classes are structured to ensure that every student can cope with the pace of learning.

How Justin’s GP Tuition will help you to ace the exam

Be inspired by GP Tutor Justin Ng to achieve academic excellence for your A Level General Paper examination. Embark on an experiential learning journey with our GP tuition programme, which features issue-based discussion, essay and comprehension answering skills development. Furthermore, as a student of GP Tuition Singapore, we provide you with exclusive access to GP notes and essays that will complement our exam-friendly lessons. In this section, you can find out what we teach in our GP tuition at Bishan, Bedok and Tampines.

Comprehension Answering Skills

Develop exam-focused comprehension answering methods at our GP tuition programme that will show you how to tackle short answer questions, summary and application questions (AQ), via the use of class practices.

Essay Writing Skills

Cultivate proficient essay writing skills at our GP tuition classes, which features question analysis, idea categorization and argument setting. These distinctive skills are nurtured through example essays and class practices.

GP Notes

Read the GP notes develop by GP Tutor Justin Ng to comprehend GP issues that are likely to be featured in comprehension and essay questions. Our GP notes are organised into separate issues with key terms and analysis.

GP Essays

Ace your GP essay component by viewing our GP essays, which are written by GP Tutor Justin Ng, who will guide you through the process of skills development, such as paragraph development and rebuttal writing.

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Why Studying GP is important?

For students who are studying the A Level General Paper, especially the JC1 students, some will question the purpose of studying such a ‘broad-based’ subject. For GP tutor Justin Ng, he argues that students who study General Paper will be enriched. The subject provides students with opportunities to engage in more in-depth discussion over issues that we do not usually talk about on a daily basis. By learning General Paper, students will improve their observational and thinking skills. In fact, the knowledge and skills acquired from the educational journey will remain relevant and applicable, even in the working world. For example, GP tutor Justin Ng pointed out that some former students benefited from the subject as employers were impressed with their views over certain issues discussed during interviews. Besides, studying GP will help students to understand the complexity of issues in the modern world. Therefore, Justin encourages students to study General Paper in a positive way, so as to achieve excellence.

Helping students improve their GP grades

For first year JC student, studying for A Level General Paper can be a daunting task. Without proper guidance, study plan and mental resilience, students tend to lose focus and eventually forgo their GP preparation. As such, GP tutor Justin Ng conducts effective GP tuition to help students to avoid making common mistakes and achieve excellence during examinations.

Clear your doubts about General Paper during and after-class consultations

Students who sign up for GP tuition can seek guidance from GP tutor Justin Ng during lesson time and after classes. It is understandable that there may be confusing or complex ideas and terms that you do not comprehend. Therefore, Justin will provide more in-depth explanation to dispel the misconceptions and greater clarity. Also, students can request for further clarifications on specific components of their GP essays or GP comprehension answers. More importantly, never hesitate to approach GP tutor Justin Ng for advice as it is part of the learning process when students make mistakes in their General Paper study.

Study GP effectively with GP tutor Justin Ng

One of the typical concerns raised by both parents and students is that  General Paper appears to be a dull and content heavy subject to study. Students worry that they have to read through countless news articles and school notes to prepare for the examination as it is a time-consuming process. GP tutor Justin Ng disagrees with this view as students should instead approach the study of GP in a positive way. During the GP tuition classes, students will learn GP through  thematic- and issue-based discussions, which means that different topics, such as Environment and Culture, are studied in detail. Also, Justin will encourage students to ask questions and engage in discussions with the tutor actively, so as to achieve opinion development, which is one of the crucial skills to score in the A Level General Paper examination.

Other Related Subjects that GP Tutor Justin Ng Teaches

Aside from A Level General Paper, GP tutor Justin Ng offers Secondary and JC tuition programmes that also hinges on the cultivation of effective writing skills and idea expressions. As the focus of each subject is different, Justin will adopt different teaching methods to ensure that students can comprehend the topics and apply their knowledge to score in the particular examinations.

Become proficient writers with JC History Tutor Justin Ng

For students who have taken A Level History (9752) as one of their core subjects, besides A Level General Paper, they can take JC History tuition classes under tutor Justin Ng. Given that History requires students to approach historical developments in different perspectives, Justin will show students how to expand their range of views. During the JC History tuition programme, Justin will provide example History essays and Source Based Questions (SBQs) to show students how to express their arguments and give persuasive answers, so as to score in the examination.

Achieve Exam-Oriented Skills with Secondary Economics Tutor Justin Ng

Justin provides tuition for O Level Economics (2281 or 2286) and IGCSE Economics (0455) with Economicsfocus. By applying a set of teaching methods, Economics tutor Justin Ng will guide students through various microeconomics and macroeconomics topics, while providing them with concise revision notes. Also, Justin ensures that students undergo adequate class practice, seen in terms of the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Structured Questions (Data Response Question and Essay Questions). Studying Economics with Economics tutor Justin Ng will be enjoyable, while he ensures that it is effective and exam-oriented.

Develop Competency in Writing with English Tutor Justin Ng

Students who are studying the O Level English (1128) can sign up for English tuition, which is conducted by English tutor Justin Ng. Given the understanding that the O Level English examination comprises of the Comprehension and Essay components, Justin will guide students through these areas. In particular, the essential essay writing skills (i.e. continuous writing) as well as comprehension answering techniques are built over time, so that students will be exam-ready. Justin will use real world examples to explain certain ideas discussed in the featured passages, so that students can relate to them better.

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