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At GP Tuition Singapore we have an unique approach to teaching we are skills-oriented and student-centred. We encourage students to participate actively during our General Paper tuition classes, so as to become opinionated thinkers and writers. Our experienced GP tutors are passionate in teaching and inspiring, as we hold to our heart the mission to develop thinkers and writers with sensible mind.

Principal GP Tutor – Simon Ng:
Cultivate Sensible Minds.

GP Tutor Simon Ng is one of the most sought-after JC General Paper (GP) tutor in Singapore. Since 2003, Mr. Ng has taught numerous students and helped them unlock their learning potential during their study of A Level GP. Under his guidance, students are motivated to surmount various setbacks and become more confident and competent. With his 20 years’ worth of tutoring experience, Simon can identify the different kinds of obstacles students may face and develop the appropriate solutions to overcome them.

JC GP Tutor – Justin Ng:
Refine Writing Skills.

GP Tutor Justin Ng (“Justin”) has been teaching JC History and O Level Economics for 2 years. Currently, Justin is on his final year of study at the National University of Singapore. In the study of the related subjects mentioned, Justin believes that it is important for students to build a strong foundation in writing and adopt an inquisitive attitude towards learning, so as to overcome the learning setbacks and achieve excellence. As such, his area of teaching comprises of exam-oriented study resources and class practice to prepare students adequately for the assessments effectively.

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