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Aside from the study of A Level General Paper, JC students also study other subjects,  such as A Level Economics, which students can prepare for at our Economics tuition programme. Our Economics tuition classes are conducted by Economics tutor Simon Ng, whose results-proven teaching methods have helped students to overcome their study obstacles and achieve excellence results. At this GP Tuition Singapore education portal, our featured GP and Economic tutors are committed in ensuring that every student is capable in applying the skills of critical thinking and proficient writing.

Why join Economics tuition by Economicsfocus

According to the feedback provided by former students, who also signed up for our GP tuition classes, they have expressed their satisfaction towards the effectiveness of the Economics tuition by Economicsfocus. While the primary objective of the economics tuition is to achieve the best possible result in the A Level Economics examination, the students have shared that their successes were attributed to other key features of the programme.

Be assured of attaining academic excellence

For the past 15 years or so, our statistics have shown that 90% of students who joined our Economics tuition have attained grade A or B in the A Level Economics examination. Economics tutor Simon Ng of Economicsfocus have been successful in spotting the possible questions that will be tested in the final examination.

Study effectively with our concise and exam-oriented notes

One of the common grouses that students have raised in their educational journey is the need to read through piles of school notes or even textbooks. Such an endeavour is too time-consuming and ineffective. Instead, students who sign up for our Economics tuition classes will receive concise JC Economics notes and practice questions that will speed up the revision process. These learning materials are developed personally by Economics tutor Simon Ng, who makes sure that the content is updated to match the latest SEAB syllabus. Also, the content is arranged in an exam-friendly format, such that students can apply the information with ease.

Develop rational thinking and proficient application skills

During our economics tuition classes, students will be trained to acquire the essential thinking and application skills that will help them to answer the JC Economics essays and case study questions effectively. Extensive class practices are conducted to assess the writing capability of students. Also, Economics tutor Simon Ng will review and provide constructive feedback to students, so that they can minimise their errors and improve their grades.

Develop greater awareness of current economic issues

In the course of study at our Economics tuition classes, Economics tutor Simon Ng will introduce real world examples and discuss these issues to guide students in understanding how the seemingly-complex Economic concepts are applied. This is a crucial step that every student should undertake in order to achieve remarkable results as examination questions are typically presented in a way that students have to analyse past Economic events.

What we do during our economics tuition

Students who join our Economics tuition will be involved in a wide spectrum of class activities that will not only build their content knowledge, but also hone their application skills, so as to become exam-ready.

Review of crucial topical content

This review will provide the explanation of economics terms, process development of main economic arguments, discussion on evaluation and analysis of economic implication and policies. Students will be taught on how to understand, apply and retain the knowledge taught.

Be involved with discussion of Economic issues and questions

Students will be taught on the application of knowledge to the requirement of the question, structural development and paragraph development on economic causation, graphical illustration, description of graphs, comparative and analytical evaluation of the questions.

Participate in the analysis of Economics Case Study Questions (CSQs)

Students will be taught on how to explain trend analysis, develop causation with the extraction of data and figures from the extracts and tables and make analysis and evaluation with the information by linking them to the requirement of the question.

Apply your knowledge via class practices for JC Economics essays and CSQs

Students are to attempt Essay and CSQ questions during lessons. These class practices will enable the students to develop spontaneous thinking skills and improve their writing capacity to attempt questions within the stipulated time. Students’ answers will be marked and reviewed by the tutor, pointing out their errors in explanation, development of answers and application of knowledge.

Types of Programmes for our Economics Tuition

At Economicsfocus, we offer a wide range of Economics tuition programmes for both JC1 and JC2 students, such as regular Economics tuition programmes, Intensive Revision for Examination, Holiday Revision Programmes, Skills Development Workshop for Case Study Techniques and Essay Writings to meet the students’ study requirements. The Economics tuition classes are suited for students taking either H1 Economics or H2 Economics.

Regular Economics Tuition

During the regular Economics tuition, which is conducted on a weekly basis, students will undergo topical re-teaching of the Economics syllabus, which is separated into Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. For H2 Economics students, given the depth and breadth of the content that students are required to be well-versed in, our Economics tuition classes will guide students through each chapter. Economics tutor Simon Ng will explain the key economic concepts, definition and provide questions for students to practice and apply their knowledge.

Intensive Revision for Examination

The intensive revision programme for our Economics tuition is usually conducted during the school holidays, such as March, June, September, November and December. The aim of the revision programme is to refine the application skills of students, such as the Economics essay writing techniques and case study question answering skills. Also, the year-end revision programme will prepare J1 students for the Promotional Examination and the J2 students for the A Level Economics examinations.

Holiday Revision Programmes

Economicsfocus conducts holiday revision programmes for students who want to improve their grades. During the Economics tuition classes, students will learn how to write exam-friendly JC Economic essays and answer case study questions effectively. Under the guidance of Economics tutor Simon Ng, students will be assessed in their answers, so that they can correct their mistakes and be more cognizant of the potential pitfalls to avoid during the examinations, so as to improve  their results.

JC Economics Skills Development Workshop

Students can also sign up for the JC Economics skills development workshop, which is conducted to guide students through the essential components that make up an A-grade Economics essay and case study question answers. Although the Economics tuition workshop held within a shorter time frame as compared to the intensive revision programme, Economics tutor Simon Ng will focus more intensively on each aspect of the Economics essay writing and CSQs. As such, students will grasp the critical skills required to achieve the desired A for A Level Economics.