GP Tuition Programmes

At our GP tuition centres, we offer a wide spectrum of GP tuition programmes. Our experienced GP tutors advises students to target specific areas of the A Level General Paper examination, in order to attain the desired improvement. The GP tuition programmes are structured in a progressive way, so that students can cope with the pace of learning.

Most importantly, the GP tuition classes not only provides issue-based discussion, but also class practices, in order to review the student’s’ abilities to absorb information and apply in exam-based format of questions.

One such area is the refinement of GP essay writing skills, which will be held usually during the school holidays. At GP essay writing skills workshop, students will learn how to write a succinct and clear introduction, paragraph development and the use of rebuttals.

Another essential component of the A Level General Paper examination is comprehension. As such, our GP tuition offers comprehension writing skills development, which covers short answer question techniques, summary writing and application question.

Regular GP Tuition

The Regular GP tuition will cover a wide range of teaching activities and areas of development as we have a progressive programme to ensure that students are cultivated and nurtured the acquired thinking and writing behaviours to talk as fast as they think and write as fast as fast as they talk. Spontaneous thinking and writing capabilities are attributes that we need to build to posie our students for academic excellence in the GCE A level examination for General Paper.  We also seek to nurture students’ abilities to become better and responsive thinkers, capable of answering questions effectively and spontaneously as required by the GCE A level Examination for General Paper.

The lessons are conducted on a weekly basis over a term of 10 weeks and the duration of each lesson is 2 hours. You may want browse our schedule and time-slots for more details on our regular GP tuition.

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GP Essays Writing Skills Workshop

The GP Essays Writing Skills Workshop aims to make JC students become prolific writer, capable in deriving conceptualised points and effective causation to do well for the essay writing paper under examination condition.

In this workshop, essay writing skills on the various aspects of learning will be nurtured, focusing on the generation of ideas, creation of structures, development of perspectives and paragraphs (diverse types of paragraph development), expression of causation and provision of examples. There is also the teaching of the writing structures on the different types of essays to facilitate the development of writing in a spontaneous and responsive manner to handle the demanding requirement under examination condition.

Extensive class practices and discussion will be introduced to nurture the GP essay writing skills of the students as we want to ensure that students can put into practice what they have learnt. Exemplary and model essays will also be given to widen students’ spectrum of exposure to the various themes of essays.

GP Comprehension Answering Skills Workshop

In this workshop, there is an emphasis on the answering techniques that students need to use to better answer the various types of questions seen in the GCE A level examination for General Paper. Students will be taught on how to answer short-answer questions, covering factual explanation and comparison, literary device, language-expression, factual and language inference and summary and application-based questions. There will be skill development on reading techniques to foster understanding of the content of the passage and capacity in extraction of information for answering of the types of questions.

Extensive comprehension practices and class discussion will be conducted to assess students’ abilities to apply the skills they have learnt. Pointers and review will be made to ensure that they have mastered the necessary techniques and procedures needed to do well in comprehension.

Key Features of our GP Tuition

Our GP tuition classes are prepared to help you achieve your primary objective of acing the General Paper examination. Read on to find out more about the defining features of our GP tuition that will give you the competitive edge over your peers.

Concise Study Notes

Students who register for our GP tuition classes will receive the latest study notes that will raise the effectiveness of your revision. Our learning resources are fine-tuned by experienced GP tutors regularly, so as to ensure relevance with respect to the latest SEAB syllabus. Also, the study materials are organized in a concise and reader-friendly format, so that students can review the key points easily. Through the feedback from our former and existing students, we have prepared these notes to reduce the time that students spend on reading the school materials, so that they can dedicate their efforts towards the practice of questions.

Experienced and Passionate GP Tutors

If studying GP on your own feels like a chore, you should consider attending our GP trial lessons to have a feel of how exciting our GP tuition programme can be. Our GP tutors are witty, engaging and inspiring. Through the application of diverse teaching methods, our past students have shared that they did not expect studying GP to be so thought-provoking. The GP tutors can turn seemingly-mundane topics into relatable areas of discussion so that students can comprehend and apply the concepts more effectively. Within the short timeframe of every GP tuition class, student will gain insight to the various issues and acquire exam-smart skills in a progressive way.

Flexible Class Schedule

We understand that it can be challenging for some students to find time to attend classes due to the hectic school schedule. Besides, our GP tutors recognize and acknowledge the ever-increasing demands of JC students, such as meeting school homework deadlines and project assignments. Hence, our GP tuition classes include alternative time-slots, in order to provide greater flexibility. Do not hesitate to speak to our approachable GP tutors if you have any concerns regarding the scheduling.

Exam-Focused and Structured Curricula

Our GP tuition schedule is planned according to the various school curricula, so as to prepare you for your term tests and major examinations. The lessons are exam-oriented as the GP tutors introduce issue-based discussion with reference to past exam questions. In addition, our GP tutors conduct timed class practices to assess the competency level of students and provide timely feedback to students and parents on their revision progress.

Affordable Yet Effective GP Tuition Classes

While some parents and students admit that they prefer one-to-one GP tuition to group tuition due to the schedule flexibility and guidance given to the student, it is more costly and less effective. Often, private tuition becomes ineffective as students direct the pace of learning. In contrast, our group GP tuition classes are planned and conducted by GP tutors who have taught numerous students for years. To allay the concerns that parents and students have with regards to the effectiveness due to the relatively large class size in group tuition, our tutors are competent in teaching large groups without compromising on the quality of learning.

Ready to Achieve?

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