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For this month, our discussion spotlight is on the issue of Education and expands on the extent of importance of Education in our modern society. Continue browsing to learn more about education!

How is Education important?

Education holds a critical role in shaping the mindsets of individuals from early stages of their growth and prepares them for the challenges in the working world. From the historical perspective, education in schools was based on the idea of supporting the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The study curriculum was focused on instilling the required skills for workers to support the production of goods and services. In this section, you can learn more about the importance of education from the individual, social, political and economic perspectives.


From the individual standpoint, education empowers us to develop an inquisitive mindset and become skillful, such that we can live enriching lives. Read more to understand the positive effects of education on individuals.

Have an enriching life

Education promotes an enriching life as it teaches individuals new values through knowledge enlightenment. This influx of knowledge helps an individual to broaden his/her way of thinking and brings in fresh perspectives in relation to life experiences. Such an educated perspective enables the individual to look further for meaning in life, thereby fulfilling life’s enrichment.

Live an empowered life

Education also empowers an individual, lending greater opportunities to direct one’s life ambitions. It teaches the individual on the importance of personal responsibility as well as the value of individual rights. With greater exercise over individual freedom, the individual is able to examine his/her life goals and realise these empowered ambitions independently.


From the social viewpoint, education cultivates civic-minded individuals that will build up a cohesive and harmonious society. Learn more about the beneficial impacts of education on modern societies.

Cultivate moral individuals

In the higher regards of the society, Education serves to cultivate ethics and morality in individuals, becoming the de facto guidelines to citizens to adopt and adhere to. Education thus, plays a crucial role as it shapes individual responsibility towards upholding a sound morality that develops a sensible society as a whole.

Build civic order and a cohesive society

Additionally, Education imparts moral codes and rules in a systematic manner for citizens to follow easily. Such a structured system eases civility and order into the society and forges a strong social fabric. As a result, the society grows with the gentle push of Education and achieves harmony.


Education promotes political awareness amongst individuals, such that they will recognise the importance of political participation, which is critical for nation-building. Learn more about the political impacts of education.

Develop politically aware individual

One of the value of Education belies in the development of political awareness in individuals. This holds prominence as the rank and file of the society often neglect the value of individual participation in our democratic society. Understanding our local politics will assist the individuals in making a rational voting decision that may have either positive or negative governing consequences.

Create political identity for nation-building

Moreover, Education helps to forge a common political identity which is vital for nation building. Education is capable of bringing the same political agenda across the nation, enabling each and every citizen to instil in themselves with the nation’s distinctive political value. In turn, the political identity serves as a commonality amongst the citizens, thereby lending a stake in the nation itself.


Education shapes our economy by cultivating an innovative, productive and skilful workforce, such that the improvement in standards of production will lead to economic prosperity, which improves living standards.

Improve living standards

In the Economic Perspective, Education brings about opportune standards of living as it elevates the quality of living through infrastructural improvements, availability of employment and material quality etc. As a result, residents enjoy higher quality of goods and services, which leads to greater economic satisfaction in life.

Create innovative, productive and competent workforce

Education has given the possibility of upgrading work skills which enables any individual to raise productivity capacity through manpower development introduced by the government. These developmental programmes assist employees to adapt to the rising employment demands and become more competent as a worker. Consequently, the workforce improves and becomes innovative, productive and competent.

What We Teach for our GP Tuition

During our GP tuition programme, we will conduct issue-based discussion to support your comprehension of the GP topic on Education. By engaging in active class participation, our GP tutors will shape you to think critically and analyze carefully the featured issues, like the benefits and shortcomings of education in modern societies. We also provide GP model essays for your reference to examine how arguments are formed and written within the given time constraints of the examinations.

Topical Enrichment on Education

As part of our GP tuition revision, we organise topical enrichment to pique your interest towards the topic of Education. Through the use of online learning features, such as videos and interactive online discussion boards, be intrigued by the fascinating impacts of education and how it can affect you as a student or individual in general.

GP Model Essays for Reference

In addition to the topical enrichment feature, our GP tuition programme features the provision of GP model essays on the topic of Education. These GP essays were written by our very own GP tutors. Emulate the writing methods for your own practice and attend our essay writing workshops to reinforce your learning.

GP Videos

Our GP Video Discussions allow our students to learn with alternative study platforms such as YouTube. We have carefully examined and selected few educational videos that prove to supplement our students’ revision. Our videos for this month debate on the issue of Education and aims to broaden the scope of discussion with effective visual cues.

Video 1: 6 Problems with our school system
Video 2: What’s Education for?

GP Articles

Our GP Articles provide additional sources of knowledge for our students on related topics. For this month on the issue of Education, our articles will expand upon the importance of learning and how it becomes synonymous with the we work.

Article: Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative

GP Issues for Discussion

Given that Education holds such significance in the the development of Singapore, what changes do you think we have to make in order to prepare our students for the challenges in the future?

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