GP Tuition Schedule

If you are facing difficulties studying General Paper, why not consider signing up for our GP tuition? We provide a wide range of solutions to help you along the way. You can refer to this page as we will be updating you with the latest and upcoming class schedule on a regular basis. If you require further clarifications, please call 9689 0510 and our GP Tutor will assist you in your registration and arrangements.

Comprehensive GP Tuition

Generally, our GP tuition are separated into three areas: regular group GP Tuition, GP intensive revision and skills development workshops. Regular GP tuition will be conducted on a weekly basis at a fixed time-slot. As for the intensive revision, it will be held on school holidays, such as the month of March, June and September. The purpose of separating these classes into different GP tuition programmes is to ensure students can achieve the desired learning objectives.

Regular GP Tuition Classes

The regular GP tuition classes are conducted on a weekly basis. The classes are planned according to the four terms that make up the annual school schedule. Each term spans across 10-12 weeks and in between each term includes a school holiday period. During the school term, the regular GP tuition programme will help students to build a strong foundation in terms of their knowledge acquisition and skills development.

For example, students will be taught on the various issues that are commonly tested in the GP essay examinations, so as to create familiarity. The GP tutors will guide students in the process of opinion development and spontaneous answering. Issue-based discussion will also include class practice, so that students can be assessed on their degree of comprehension with regards to the related topics taught during that class.

Exam-Oriented Revision

Aside from the regular GP tuition classes, we also offer intensive revision classes to aid students in their preparation for school-based tests, J1 Promotional Examination and the actual A Level General Paper examination. These classes are conducted during the school holidays in the month of March, June and the September-October period. During the GP tuition intensive revision lessons, the GP tutors place greater emphasis on essay writing skills and comprehension writing techniques development. As such, students will not only be taught on these areas, but also be required to attempt broad types of questions, so as to develop the thinking and writing skills that are crucial for examinations.

Holiday Skills Development Workshops

The third type of GP tuition programme is the GP Holiday Skills Development Workshops. These classes are typically conducted during the post-examination periods, such as December, so that students can focus on correcting their errors while preparing for the next semester more adequately. The classes will cover GP essay writing skills and comprehension answering methods. In this programme, students can engage with the GP tutors through personal consultation to refine their answering techniques and minimise errors.

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