General Paper Notes & Resources

Instead of imparting content and “thinking life- skills” and leaving their translation to exam performance to happenstance or inherent talent, at GP Tuition Singapore, we equip our students well by focussing and directing our notes, issues pages and other materials to the A-Levels General Paper exam requirements in a way that will build lifelong thinking skills along the way as well. We believe in the ability and calibre of our students, but also in helping our students strategise and expend their efforts efficiently to maximise their results. After all, it would be irresponsible to leave something as critical as the A-levels to the vagaries of poorly-defined “inborn talent” or the lottery of “spontaneous idea generation”. Eyes on the prize, ladies and gentlemen. Eyes on the prize.

We believe that the invincibility of talent is a myth that is always ripe for debunking. Even if your friends are a hundred metres ahead on the start line, there’s nothing to say that you cannot catch up with hard and smart work, supplemented by effective exam-oriented materials. Every aspect of our teaching and resources is directed towards teaching exam skills. From our notes pages, which are filled with useful key words and sample points in the “Flipside” section, to our indicative outlines and sample essays, our resources, with our experienced tutors’ instruction, will get you turning the talent myth on its head in no time.

How to make good use of GP Notes

Others’ notes deter and scare you. Our notes reassure and prepare you for the exams. Here’s how to make the best use of them.

Overview: Get the big picture

Hardly anybody reads broadsheets these days. We understand. To ensure that you’re not totally in the dark and bring yourself up to speed with the general landscape relating to the topic at hand, read our overview section before embarking on revision.

GP Issues: The great debates

You know what the topic is about. Now know its controversies. Read through our issues section to understand what the latest and greatest are arguing about. Who knows, some of these questions and debates may even feature in your examination!

Key terms: Mind your language

Before you can walk the walk, you must talk the talk. Knowing your democracy from your plutocracy, your hegemony from your homogeneity allows your discussion to be more specific, and signals to examiners that you know your stuff.

GP Model Essays: As close to the real thing

We aren’t psychics. But we are a team of tutors with more than 40 years’ combined experience. We follow the shifts in examination trends and demands more closely than punters follow horses, just so that we can give you the most updated sample questions for you to see if you can finally walk the walk.

Themes for GP Notes

A good way to raise your knowledge acumen is to develop your content knowledge by setting paradigms of your areas of study. Build you base notes with these GP notes that we have set out for you but it would make you a better GP learner if you create a wider and manageable scope of knowledge for the respective areas.

Our GP notes based on a thematic approach will give you the foundation and develop the depth of knowledge to shape you to be the reflective thinker, persuasive participant and prolific writer.


We have all gone through it, but have we ever thought much about what we are or were going through? From the perennial debate on the underlying purpose of education to the ability of our education system to stay relevant and build tomorrow’s leaders, there is a great deal that’s up for debate, and a great deal that rests on the answers to these difficult questions. After all, the future of our nation is at stake!

Science & Technology

You can describe nuclear fission step-by-step, but have you considered whether its discovery can be blamed for the millions of deaths in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? You can wax lyrical about Bt-resistant corn and featherless broilers, but have you considered why many around the world consider such produce to be poison? You can explain carbon dating, but have you wondered if knowing how we came to be explains why we came to be, if there is even a why? Often, an increased understanding of scientific and technical knowledge brings up more interesting and exciting questions than it answers!

Social Media

The advent of internet technology brought about the omnipresence and proliferation of social media, shaping the internet structure into the interactive Web 2.0 application. We are now able to create information and share them with the world. Individuals are empowered with greater capacity to express their views about the issues of the societies that affect us as we become the fifth estate. A natural phenomenon we take for granted and ignore its extensive impact on our society.


A matrimonial institution that most of us will engage in but many fail to see the significance of marriage as the social institutional development that will be impactful on the modern society. Marriage is often seen as the ‘nuclear block’ of the society: the source of cultural heritage, the development of civility and the forces of economic activities. Its imperatives are further known if we see how marriage can affect the life of a person, his beliefs and his legacy. We then ignore its significance as the modern way of life affects our respect and obligation towards marriage. It is a GP issue that will be useful in helping one to understand more what he or she wants in life.


What is your mother tongue? Is Chinese culture always the cultural identity of Chinese people? Does Singapore have a culture? Is Taylor Swift necessarily inferior to Tschaikovsky? What even is culture? If you think that culture is just the good stuff in Yakult, then have a think about how the beliefs and ways of life passed down or around in societies shape your thoughts and actions. You’ll find that your life is more intimately acquainted with it than you think!


One of the turbulent and disturbing and yet, inspiring and hopeful stage of life of a person. Youths are the future of the country but at the same time, they are sometimes misunderstood as the anti-social sub-culture of our society. They are rebellious, opinionated and troubled as they seek to establish their identity. The youths are blessed with more opportunities as most are fortunately educated but yet, they face the most competitive and challenging moments of our human civilization as our world is modernized, technologically advanced and globalized.