GP Notes on Science & Technology

How does Science and Technology affect our society?

What’s New – Science and Technology For the month ahead, we shall be looking into the history and the impacts of Science and Technology on the society. These blog articles are targeted at increasing your familiarity and setting you poised for the topic on...
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Modern technology owes ecology an apology. Do you agree?

Modern Technology and its Environmental Impact Advancement in technology has brought about tremendous benefits to mankind but at the same time it has also harmed the environment. The environmentalists strongly believe that the usage of modern technology has led to the...
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Overview on Science & Technology

Science and Technology have replaced many of the traditional tools and came to dominate and naturalize within our societies. However, as our societies advances towards being ‘smart nations’, problems of technology surfaces and alters the landscape and spaces we live in and this will ultimately lead us to ponder the benefits of technology in the modern society.

For this GP issue on Science and Technology, we would like to share with two videos from Channel News Asia and CNN respectively which we find it useful for students to extract knowledge from to help to understand more about the significance of technology in our modern society.

GP Articles and Videos on Science & Technology

These two videos and articles will seek to shed light upon the positive and negative impacts brought about by technology. Furthermore, it seeks to provide more information and insightful analysis in helping students to develop their articulation for Application-based questions an GP essay writing.

The value of technology for the deaf

In the video, titled ‘Technology Helps Deaf Students at Gallaudet University’, it demonstrates how technology could be used to overcome physical disabilities and transcend national boundaries. It thus illustrates the usefulness of technology in benefiting the society we live in. From this video, students will be able to draw out the positive aspect of science and technology.

UK scientists given go-ahead to genetically modify human embryos

Refer to the article, ‘UK Scientist given go-ahead to genetically modify human embryo by CNN. In the video, ‘UK lawmakers vote to allow ‘3-parent’ babies’, it illustrates one distinct benefit of technology which pertains to the ability of technology to accentuate human lives. However, the video also raises various pertinent and potential problems in technology such as the moral and ethical issues. Hence, this video will be useful in understanding the other perspectives concerning the use of technology.

Q&A: Antibiotic resistance

The issue discussed in this article ‘Q&A:Antibiotic resistance‘ from BBC, is serious as it foretells a dire condition that mankind would potentially face, a future where the drugs manufactured will not have any impact on the body and thereby threatening the existence of mankind. Yet, this video implicitly suggest that technology might not necessarily have all the answers and could in turn destroy you. This video will allow students to reconsider the benefits of technology. Find out more information concerning how science and technology has its limits through this article by BCC.

GP Tutor Discussion on Science & Technology

Science and technology has permeated and dominated the lives of many to the extent that it becomes increasingly difficult to imagine a world without it where people becomes accustomed and reliant on it. However, not everyone was blinded by the allure of these advancements. Some saw technology as being potentially destructive and harmful to mankind as it seeks to generate more problems that it could resolve. Yet, science and technology is a complex issue -as it is a double-edged sword that could create and destroy simultaneously. Therefore, while considering issues pertaining to the subject one should be conscious that technology is necessary and the question should concern the extent in which technology should be consumed rather than the complete elimination and adoption of technology.

Why do we need science and technology? There are many pros and cons of science and technology. Situating science and technology within the context of medicine, it is evident that modern medicine have more than doubled human’s life expectancy, and enabled children to be vaccinated against diseases which previously resulted in massive infant mortality rate. Furthermore, in terms of food production, the invention of super grains allows rapid and massive food production. Hence, one can consider science and technology essential to human existence.

However, science and technology renders a series of problems as well. First, it despoils the natural world, where electricity pylons ruin the countryside, acid rain from coal and gas-fired power stations kill fishes. Furthermore, animals were cruelly experimented upon in the name of scientific research. Therefore, science does not only empower us, it similarly equips us with the potential to destroy each other and takes upon a massive toll on the natural surroundings. These pros and cons thus lead us to ponder if science and technology is overall benefitting the society.

The increasing rate of weaponry production is another issue that we should pay particular attention to, especially within the Asia region as the excessive manufacture of weapons could potentially destabilize the region, as nations becomes paranoid of a pseudo arms-race. Therefore, we need nations to be conscious of the potential ripple effect that this arms production will generate and to use arms in a responsible manner to ensure the security of the region.

Our GP Tuition Programme on Science & Technology

GP Essays for Class Practice and Discussion

  1. Science has shown itself capable both of killing and curing -on balance, for does it have more potential?
  2. For every problem science solves, it creates ten more. To what extent do you agree?

GP Comprehension Discussion and Practice

Impacts of Modern Technology on our Minds by Dr Susan Greenfield

*Passage will be given out during the lesson as part of practices for our GP tuition.

Dr. Greenfield claims that modern technology has changed the way our brains work and is concerned about this development. How far are her concerns valid for you and your generation?

GP Notes for Class Discussion

Pros and Cons of Science and Technology

The understanding of the pros and cons of science and technology will be helpful in answering questions that explain why society could not abandon technology readily. We can discuss the applicability and harmfulness of science and technology through the various areas, economic, social and political.

Consequences of the misappropriation of science and technology

The consequences of misappropriating science and technology are affecting the individual, society and state in many ways and the impact can be severe and consequential. The impact can also be analyzed in terms of the time period, immediate or long term. It is also interesting to explore how the appropriation of science and technology affect develop and developing nations.