8807 GCE A Level Paper 1 GP Essay

We would like to share with students some of the 8807 GCE A Level Paper 1 sample GP Essays to help them better understand on the requirements of the different types of question exam format under topics which we are focusing on. The types of questions which we have displayed cover the question type like: ‘Do you agree?’, the ‘extent of agreement’, ‘Discuss’ ‘What is your view’ and others. We are also showing students on how we make  arguments to prove our points on certain perspectives of discussion so as to derive a persuasive argument.

At the moment, we are covering topics like family, youths, education, cultures, education and science and technology. Besides this, we also provide GP Notes to teach students on how to use knowledge from current affairs to develop improve their essay writings and arguments for AQs.

How to use our GP Essays to improve your grade for General Paper

These GP essays would be of great use to students if they know how to make use of them. We advise students to use these essays to help them to enrich their acumen of knowledge and GP essay writing skills.

  • Students can learn from our GP essays the understanding of the types of questioning formats and how they are answered.
  • Students can also learn to develop their GP essay writing skills on how to write their introduction, paragraph development, types of causation and conclusion
  • Students can learn from our GP essays by developing their content knowledge based on the given topics. Learn how to develop topic sentence which will depict the conceptualized idea for discussion.
  • Students can learn from these GP essays on how causation, rebuttals and arguments are forged and developed to form a persuasive discussion of the ideas in this question, satisfying the requirements of the question.

GP essays on Education

For this theme, the question for discussion will be on the aims of education which is generally classified as functional or holistic aims and questions tested under the GCE A level examination are usually debated around these two views of thinking. There is also the consideration on how the education system will be able to solve some of the problems the society is currently facing. A good understanding of the education system will enable students to write on strengths and weaknesses of the local education system. It is also often tested at A level for application question and essay paper in areas of discussion where students are tested about the effectiveness of our education system in achieving its aims for the nation and the society.

Sample Essays on Education

  1. Education’s chief purpose is the passing on of human heritage, not mere skills for survival in a prevailing economic climate. Discuss. by GP Tutor Justin Ng

GP Essays on Social Media

A flipside knowledge on social media in terms of its benefit and detriments on our society is a basic area of understanding students must have in order to derive points to write gp essays in relation to social media. From this angle, students will also be tested on how the social media will affect the individuals, the society and the state. The roles of social media will also be seen from the wide dimension of perspectives, namely, economics, social, political and others. It is imperative for students to understand how social media will alter the values and norms of the society and the individuals.

Sample Essays on Social Media

  1. Is censorship becoming is increasingly necessary in today’s world? by Principal GP Tutor Simon Ng

GP Essays on Cultures

This theme is a very complex as culture is a very slippery concept. Thus, it is not easy to grasp the areas of discussion for the types of questions to be tested. A good way to start in the derivation of the areas of discussion is to consider the difference between the modern and archaic society. We will have to examine how the cultural world over time has changed in terms of the way we live our lives, the values we hold and the behaviour we develop. In this way, we can have a flipside discussion to make our understanding of culture more concrete and tangible.

We also need to examine other controversial issues like the cultural identity and its significance to the individuals, society and state and how its evolvement is affected by the development in our modern era, namely, the influence of technology and globalization.

It is the most complicated and difficult topic for GP essays but its significance must not be ignored despite the depth of the topic and the degree of complexity.

Sample Essays on Culture

  1. In today’s globalised world, it is difficult for nations to preserve their cultural heritage. What are your views?by Principal GP Tutor Simon Ng

GP Essays on Marriage

It is one of the type of question on social issues that will be tested at GCE A level but this issue is often ignored by many GP tutors as they often rank it to be the unlikely question. It is an important question as social issues are the type of questions that will test the capabilities of the students in making reference to their society and the capacities for opinion development.

The discussion on marriage often begins with the need for marriage and why remaining singlehood is the trend in modern society. The study of the issue on marriage will also need to cover the consequences of delay in marriage and its status in the modern society. An interesting area to explore as students will develop their capacity for insight discussion.

Sample Essays on Marriage & Family

  1. Family is the most important institution in society. Do you agree?by Principal GP Tutor Simon Ng

GP Essays On Science and Technology

The most favourite topic to prepare to GP examination by both GP tutors and students but many students and GP tutors fail to create a comprehensive understanding of the topic and its related question. Some students focus too much on the examples and incidents on the scientific and technological development and fail to address impact of these development on the individuals and the society from social, economic and political aspects.

The gp essays on science and technology must be studied from a wide perspective of discussion, using the examples of scientific and technological development in the causation to support your discussion. Students must be able to develop causations that depict the process on how science and technology will affect the modern life and the significance of these impacts.

Sample Essays on Science and Technology

  1. Modern technology owes ecology an apology’. Do you agree?by Principal GP Tutor Simon Ng

GP Essays on Youths

Youths is also considered as one of the social issue that GCE A level examination like to test on but it is surprising to hear students do not like to write on such type of questions. They seem to have very little understanding of this topic despite being so closely related to it. It is simply unwise for students to ignore this topic as the knowledge and technical skills on the development of causation for this topic is not only helpful for essay writing but also useful for AQs.

The areas of coverage will include like the challenges and problems of the youths and the factors affecting their lives. Their roles and impact on the society in terms of their behaviours and values would be of similar significance.

Sample Essays on Youths

  1. Do you think it is better to be young or old?by Principal GP Tutor Simon Ng