Developing GP Essay Writings Skills

The old adage that the pen is mightier than the sword speaks aloud the significance of writing, especially for the case of essay writing for General Paper for A level. Many students ignore this need to cultivate their essay writing skills, failing to see the significance of this in helping them to ace their GCE A level examination for General Paper.

Students need essay writing skills to do well in an examination which has no fixed content of knowledge. In the writing process, JC students need to know how to apply their acumen of knowledge to the requirements of the essay and students can only achieve this if they are competent in their writings. You can rely on your thinking and essay writing skills to make sure that what you write is logical and sensible in answering the essay question.

What are the Essay Writing Skills JC students need for General Paper examination?

What kind of GP Essay Writing skills do you need to do well? The skills you need to nurture is based on the needs of the examination.

Thinking Skills

First, students need to have the thinking skills on how to understand the requirements of the essay so as to derive the right source of information and examples to support the discussion. With this understanding, it will be easy to set the perspectives of discussion and the line of arguments to make meaningful and logical discussion.

Organizing Skills

Second, students need to have the organizing skills to set out the right structure to suit the particular types of essay. At this point, a good understanding of the types of structures for the diverse types of essays will be useful in the creation of essay outlines to improve your adaption to the variants of questions tested in GP examination. The art of organizing makes your flow of arguments more cohesive and persuasive as you know how to present the points of your essay into a constructive and organized essay.

Language Skills

Third, students need to develop the language skills to conceptualize the points of argument, develop causation of arguments, create rebuttal against opposing view and development of various types of paragraphs. Students need develop active vocabulary power and fluency and articulation of language expression to become a prolific writer.

Reasoning Skills

Fourth, students need to be the reasoning skills like what Aristotle would term as the ‘power of reasoning’; the capacity to make logical and sensible arguments to prove your points correct and other points wrong and assess and analyze the degree of validity and correctness of arguments. This reasoning power will enable students to develop effective causation for explanation, description, comparison, evaluation and analysis which are spectrum of arguments the GP essay writing demands student to write on.

How our GP tuition helps develop these skills and make you a prolific writer

Reflective & Sensible Thinking

Our GP tuition programmes also prepare students to be reflective and sensible in their thinking, which is important for prolific writers. We raise your capacity to be more effective in arguments and have a greater depth of understanding of the complexity of arguments and nurture your acumen to conduct arguments.

Exam-oriented Tuition Programme

Our GP tuition programmes are exam-oriented as we place great emphasis in preparing extensive amount of materials GP notes, comprehension practices, essay outlines and modal GP essays to help you to adapt to the complexity of essays question for GCE A level examination.

Interesting & Enriching

Our GP tuition programmes are interesting and enriching as we nurture students to be reflective, opinionated and enthusiastic. Our JC GP tutors conduct the GP tuition in a reflective and stimulating approach that will give our students an intellectually, rewarding educational experience.

100% Passes

Our GP tuition programmes has attained 100% passes in GCE A Level GP examination for the past 20 years. Even if you are doing very well now, you can still do well as long you work hard for it as we have the best GP notes and essays to help you overcome your weaknesses in writing GP essays.

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Most of all, our GP tuition gives you the Grade A you want.

Main Areas of GP Essay Writing

Write a good introduction

Very often, we see students stare stoned right at the paper for minutes during their GP examination, failing to start writing on their essays. it simply difficult to start the introduction of the essay. Not knowing what to do in the writing of introduction will be the first reason why students fail to get a good grade for the GP essay writing portion of examination. Knowing how to write the introduction is imperative as it is the roadmap that guides the reader.

So, what makes a good introduction? One has to make sure that the reader have a good idea on how you can give a good overview of the requirements of the question and direct the reader on how he is going make the discussion of the essay. A good understanding of the type of question will ease the frictions in deriving a directive introduction which guides the writer and excites his appetite to read further.

Paragraph that you are fair and balanced

A well-balanced essay always have the counter-arguments or what we termed as opposing view, be it a thesis or an anti-thesis. We need to fair to our detractors and show his view but to be written with the intention that they are wrong and we can prove them wrong. You need to signpost your paragraph with word or words that will make known to the readers or marker that the paragraph is the argument of the critics or detractors of your stand. Be fair and balanced but you must reveal the weaknesses for you prove them wrong.

Paragraph that prove your detractors wrong

This is the most exciting part of the art of thinking and writing; you get to prove others that they are wrong. The significance of a rebuttal is undeniable and indisputable and it is the opportunity for the writer to show his class of thinking and writing with a sound rebuttal. One has to be logical, articulate and opportunistic, like crafty lawyer presenting his defence against the argument of his counterpart. Understanding the weaknesses of the counter-argument or opposing view will allow one to coin the perfect rebuttal to prove why you are right. This must be accompanied by the choice of words or phrases that will make your opponents’ view invalid and weak, building the foundation what you want to prove later sounds perfectly right.

Paragraphs that show you are right

Once you have done making your critics look ‘bad and vulnerable’, you need to embark on the route to present an incontestable line of argument with multiple paragraphs to prove your stand right and indisputable. To achieve this, there must be a gamut of reasons from a wide category that will affect the issue to be discussed.

At the respective paragraph, one has conceptualize a good point that will guide the reader or marker in a persuasive flow, focusing on the causation and the development of the point. A good causation comes with a good argument, not just an example (a typical mistake made by most JC students). Listing the example does not mean that you have proven the point. An example does not explain your point. You need to create the causation and use the example to support your point (the art of argument). Link the ideas in your writing to make justify your causation and support it with an example: the art of paragraphing.

Conclude to raise your grade

At the last stretch of your GP essay, you must have an impressionable ending, well summarised and opinionated. Conclude the discussion in retrospect with an analysis that give the reader and marker a good understanding of what you have tried to prove, depicting the determinants of the issues. Most importantly, provide your opinion about the issue with a sound assertion.