GP Comprehension Answering Skills

Significance of Comprehension Answering Skills

Many JC GP students have this myth that they cannot study for the comprehension paper for General Paper. How can you study for the subject when there is no stipulated areas of learning? Many will question this. Consequently, they ignore the needs to prepare for the GP Comprehension paper for the GCE A Level Syllabus.

We understand that it is not easy for students to study on their own to excel in GP comprehension examination as it is difficult for students to assess the quality of their answers. There is also the problem on how to improve your proficiency, given that there is no scope of learning. So how to students prepare for this paper?

One probable solution is to nurture your comprehension answering skills as it is great importance. Why is it so important? The skills enable you to develop the reading and extraction capacity to understand the content of the passage to facilitate your capacity to answer the questions Students must be able to derive the ideas in a passage and link the ideas to understand the proposition which will reflect the writer’s main argument.

Building the comprehension answering skills will enable you to make logical explanation of your points in answering the question. Students need to be more aware of the way that they extract information and write out the explanation. This is an important part of the skills in making sure that you will not lose marks in answering. Being able to read well in comprehension requires students to be attentive and sensible towards the manner and intention of the writing. Students need to nurture this reading and comprehension skills , not merely trying to understand the facts in the passage as the content of the passage will not be the same for the next test.

There is also the need to develop skills on how to conceptualize information as this is needed in the answering of the summary question. The skills of conceptualization will need students to know how to rephrase, word substitution and develop causation by linking steps of discussion. In sum, you need to make long story short.

Lastly, it is important to nurture comprehension skills as there is a need for students to use their skills on opinion development to answer the requirements of the AQ questions. You need to have a view on social issues to make it easy on how you can comment on the issues to make sound discussion based on the requirements of the question.

What are the comprehension skills JC students need for General Paper examination?

You have understood the significance of comprehension skills and what are the types of skills you need to nurture? A productive way to study well for GP examination is to understand these skills so that students can work to develop and nurture of them.

Reading and Comprehension

Students need to be able to read effectively and comprehensively to have sound comprehension of the passage and to do so, students need to develop a reading procedure that will enable him to extract a meaningful understanding of the theme, the main ideas in the passage and how they form the proposition of the passage. An acumen of general knowledge will be an added advantage in helping you to get more information out of the passage.

In the reading process, it is also important to know how to extract critical points and observe their links in the argument. Knowing the types of sentence and nature of discussion will be very helpful and effective in trying to derive and infer the facts to answer the questions.


The art of conceptualization in writing is equally important in essay writing paper as in the comprehension paper. Authors of the passages often use their conceptualization skills to create a flow of argument, stringing three to four or more ideas in one sentence or the whole paragraph. The ability to understand the conceptualized ideas in the passage is very helpful in derivation of the answers.

Factual Explanation

Students must be able to make factual explanation which are usually done in several ways and these skills on explanation needs to take note of these diverse requirements, namely in terms of process explanation, comparative explanation, descriptive explanation and reasoning explanation. students need to be logical, systematic and orderly in their explanation as the answer must be clear and direct. Very often, this simple way in answering is a difficult task for many students as they fail to understand arrangement of their points to make the explanation clear and precise. The comprehension of the meaning or ideas in the paragraph is important in helping the students organize the ideas well to make explanation correct.

Factual Inference

The capability to infer is a very significant part of the comprehension skills that students need to nurture. It is not easy to develop this thinking skills as one need to think deeper and empathize the intent of the writer’s ideas in the passage. In this thinking process, one has to understand the way the writer arranges his ideas and use his words to show the intention and apply it in accordance the requirements of the question.

GP Comprehension Skills Training Programme

Essential Reading Techniques

Our GP tuition teaches our students the essential Reading Techniques to enhance to raise their abilities to comprehend the passage. When you read well, you will be able to comprehend better the ideas and perspectives of the passage to enable you to extract the ideas and infer better to answer your SAQs.

Logic Answering Techniques

Our GP tuition will also imbue in our students the logic answering techniques on how they should arrange their points of argument systematically and orderly which is important as this will help to reduce their loss of marks. Low scoring in GP Comprehension is often the result of illogical and poor sentence construction on how the answer is to be written.

Enriching your Knowledge

Our GP tuition enrich your knowledge to improve your capacity to understand the key terms or ideas often used by the authors of the passages. Many students are handicapped by their lack of general knowledge and academic terms, undermining their comprehension of the passages.

Improving Language Proficiency

Our GP tuition will improve your language proficiency to understand language-based or literary device type of questions, often tested for GCE A level examination for General Paper. Your capability to do word substitution and rephrasing of the analogy and figurative expression will improve to enable to you attain more marks for summary question.

Applying Arguments to AQ

Our GP tuition will also raise your ability to apply arguments to the requirements of AQ questions with our simple but yet effective method on AQ Answering Technique. You will learn how to relate the your points to the context of the passage and answer the requirements of the question.