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One of the primary aims of the GP Tuition Singapore portal is to become an established and reliable education guide for students and parents to find out more about the renowned GP tuition centres in Singapore. One such tuition centre is, which was founded by principal GP tutor Simon Ng.

It is a common misconception for students to hold the assumption that A Level General Paper is a ‘general knowledge’ subject that does not require much practice. Rather than the widely-held belief that GP is about the regurgitation of information and examples, the assessment focuses on the ability of examination candidates to express their arguments in a coherent and clear way, such that the points are convincing to the examiner.

With reference to the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), students are required to complete two aspects of the A Level General Paper Syllabus: GP essay writing and GP comprehension. For the essay writing section, students can select from a list of questions that cover wide-ranging topics, such as Environment and Social Issues. Then, students are required to write an essay to answer the chosen question. As for the GP comprehension component, students have to answer short answer questions, complete summary writing and an application question (also known as AQ).

About was set up in 2003 by GP tutor Simon Ng, who believed that every student should be given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about the world. Through the Sensible Minds teaching methodology, students will improve their thinking and writing techniques, so as to excel in the A Level Economics examination.

How can students benefit from GP tuition at

Although some students view the study of General Paper as an uphill task, our GP tutors of assure students that it will be a rewarding experience, especially for those who persevere till the end of this journey. Students who have joined our GP tuition classes had their share of skepticism towards the usefulness of the lessons, but eventually abandoned it after attaining the newfound benefits of learning General Paper as an informed and opinionated individuals.

Acquire proficient writing skills and exam-oriented answering techniques

In the process of studying the various topics that are covered in the A Level General Paper syllabus, GP tutor Simon Ng places much emphasis on skills application during class practice. In particular, students will hone their GP essay writing skills through extensive essay outline and full essay practices. During the classes, the GP tutor will teach students how to apply different skills, such as perspective setting, rebuttal writing and categorization. While it may seem like a fine idea to read about writing skills online and avoid the painful process of sitting down in front of a table and write out the GP essay, students should refrain from doing that. Skills acquisition is achieved through actual practice as students will adapt to the frictional process of idea expression, which is likened to the condition of a “writer’s block”. As such, our GP tuition programme will guide students through progressive learning and practice, so that they acquire the essential examination skills.

Develop opinionated thinking

By conventional standards, students are expected to listen during classes and express their views in a learning environment. However, some educators have observed that few students would take the initiative to provide their inputs at classroom settings for the fear of ridicule by their peers or failure. The consequence is that students rely on teachers for a fixed set of solutions to use during the examinations. This form of reliance discourages individual reflective thinking and self-directed learning, which are crucial skills that will be applicable even in the working world. Therefore, GP tutors at encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and engage actively during lessons. The objective is to facilitate the development of opinionated thinking, which means that students will be able to think of possible perspectives with regards to a specific issue. For example, one of the students in our GP tuition classes brought up an insightful point about the effectiveness of government regulation on new media platform due to the limited jurisdiction in the virtual world.

Nurture well-read and informed individuals

As citizens of a knowledge-based economy, students are encouraged to adopt a ‘lifelong learning’ attitude and persist in the relentless pursuit for knowledge. At, students will cultivate a high degree of awareness towards diverse topics that are covered during the GP tuition programme. Through the issue-based discussions, GP tutor Simon Ng will pose questions to students to promote the development of spontaneous thinking and facilitate comprehension of ideas. While some topics are rather abstract and difficult to relate to, the GP tuition classes are structured in ways to ease the process of understanding the issues. For example, an inquisitive student once remarked that she was surprised that greater access to technology exacerbated the harmful impacts on societies. Furthermore, as the GP essay and comprehension questions will cover these topics discussed, our GP tuition classes will include actual practices to model after past examination questions, such as the Application Question (AQ) that usually require students to relate the topic discussed to their own country.

GP Tuition Programme Offered

The GP tuition programme by is comprehensive as it is planned by GP tutor Simon Ng, whose teaching methods were proven to be effective in aiding students to achieve excellence, as exemplified by the success stories of our former GP students. The GP tuition classes are conducted at Bishan and Bukit Timah. The class activities are wide-ranging, covering different aspects, such as issue-based discussion and class practices. While it is expected of students to read widely and be aware of the current affairs in the local and international contexts, GP tutor Simon Ng advocates class practice over emphasis on knowledge building. The acquisition and refinement of writing skills are achieved through consistent and thorough practice. As such, GP tuition classes will provide adequate time for students to apply their knowledge on the GP essay writing and comprehension questions, so as to determine whether they are exam-ready.

You can view the class schedule for our regular GP tuition classes and the intensive revision programme for J1 and J2 students. Alternatively, if you have any queries, please feel free to contact GP tutor Simon Ng at 96890510 or email to

Hear from our students

GP tutor Simon Ng extends his appreciation to former students who have surmounted the learning obstacles and emerged stronger as competent and confident individuals. Throughout the ups and downs of the educational journey, students of have expressed their gratitude towards GP tutor Simon Ng for his tireless efforts towards preparing them for the demanding A Level General Paper examination. Learn more about the individual journeys that our former students embarked on and how the GP tuition classes aided them in achieving great success.

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