GP Tuition Notes On Environment

GP Tuition Notes on Environment

Our GP Tuition Notes is a special featurette in our GP Tuition Programme that engages in more meaningful and useful learning for our students. By introducing our online notes and resources, we enable better learning opportunities as students lend on our online platforms to conduct their learning.

Our issue of the month is titled: How is Environment important to us, where we will explore the fundamental relevance of Environment on our lives and understand its effects on our societies and countries. Find out more below and be part of our productive learning programme today!

How is Environment important to us?

The environment holds tremendous importance to humanity due to its pervasiveness surrounding our lives. Our constant interactions with it creates a symbiotic relationship in which our actions often leave lasting impacts in the environment. On the other hand, the environment per se serves its own impacts on our lives as well, affecting our individual self, our societies, our economies and even our political systems. Therefore, our articles will discuss these 4 critical areas and lend content insights to our students on creating causations between environment and its impacts.

Individual: How does environment affect us?

The environment certainly has a substantial effect on our individual lives. Long-term environmental hazards threaten to affect our personal health and physical well-being. This hampers our ability to function normally and leads to poor quality of life.

Social: How does environment affect our culture?

Cultures around the world lean heavily on our environment. With differing geographical features in different environments, our cultures evolve around them, which creates diverse and unique cultures as a result.

Economic: How does environment affect business?

Recognising that the environment serves an important ecosystem in the economy and the lives of the consumers, businesses must learn to adapt to the increasing demand of consumers going green while embarking on sustainable development to lessen the negative impact on the environment.

Political: How does environment affect politics?

From the viewpoint of political systems, environmental problems, especially cross-border, pose a strain between countries when left unchecked. Moreover, problems in the form of resource struggle have also threatened to escalate political conflict, endangering the reliability of the political systems.

What we will be teaching during our GP Tuition

Our GP Tuition Programme offers a variety of learning exercises to stretch our students in their creative thinking and reasoning skills through various modes of teaching enrichment. Students will further their understanding using our academic resources, namely Topical Notes and GP Model Essays. These materials complement our online resources by adding more depth to the content base, hence strengthening students’ content development in the topic of Environment.

Topical Enrichment on Environment

During class, our tutors will cover the fundamental definitions and historical background with regards to the Environment. This help our students to develop their reflective thinking abilities while also familiarising them with the extensive content as the topic of Environment is often discussed in the essay and comprehension component.

GP Model Essays

Besides class enrichment, our tuition also provide more in-depth articles and essays on the topic, serving as model examples for students to emulate from. These essay examples are important as a reference view because they impart different flairs of writing and argumentative styles to students’ learning.

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GP Video Discussion

Our GP Video Discussions allow our students to learn with alternative study platforms such as YouTube. We have carefully examined and selected few educational videos that prove to supplement our students’ revision. Our videos for this month debate on the issue of Education and aims to broaden the scope of discussion with effective visual cues.

Video 1: Environment Video
Video 2: Environment Video

GP Essays

Below are some model essays that we are providing for your referencing during revisions. These essays cover some of the discussion scope on Environment and give you a peek of some good writing pieces for you to learn from.

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