Advance Education through eLearning

The age of smart learning is upon us. It is undeniable that eLearning has taken foothold in this education journey, given that the current and subsequent generation of students are exposed to myriad technologically-based mediums, such as tablets and smartphones, on a regular basis. Therefore, as educators, we have introduced eLearning to match the shifting demands of the tech-savvy students. As eLearning ecompasses a wide range of learning methods that is applied through electronic mediums, such as the internet, we will examine the approaches that students can utilize, in order to raise the quality of learning to a higher level.

Acquire Knowledge through eLearning Videos

One of the ways students can refine their learning approaches is through the inclusion of watching educational and instructive videos. While a picture speaks a thousand words, a video can express ideas and concepts that are difficult to comprehend in a clearer and interesting way. In addition, studies have found that students absorb and process information more effectively when more senses are used during the learning stage. In this context, watching eLearning videos utilizes the auditory (i.e. hearing) and visual senses, which is more likely to aid in comprehension as compared to the reading notes.

Besides, the abundance and variation of content for eLearning videos makes learning enjoyable. One example is the use of the whiteboard video drawing to illustrate and explain how social media influences perceptions of impressionable individuals, which can shape societal values. Another example is the use of video tutorials to show how students can plan and write their GP essays by separating the paragraphs and going through in a step-by-step way.

GP tuition centres featured at GP Tuition Singapore acknowledges the recent changes by factoring in the increased preference by students for visually engaging learning methods. Therefore, eLearning videos are internalized in the classroom teaching and post-lesson revision, so that students are cognizant of the essential concepts and examination answering skills. Another notable benefit of eLearning videos is that it improves the attention span of students when processing the video information. Also, learning by videos increases the knowledge retention rate, thus improving the effectiveness of study.

Learning at Your Own Comfort and Convenience through Smartphone Apps

Given that versatility of smartphones through the use of apps, information access is at our fingertips. With some tips and a few swipes, we can locate the nearest fast-food joint in the vicinity. Therefore, there is an increasing trend of educators hopping on the bandwagon of utilizing smartphone technology to design apps to occupy students in meaningful ways. There are many education-related smartphone apps available for downloading, both paid and free apps.

Amongst these apps, we can observe that these apps have numerous interesting features. One such feature is the ability to attempt questions, such as Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Also, students can read study materials by flipping through the virtual pages of eBooks.

The distinctive feature of smartphone apps that becomes the selling point of many eLearning tools is that learning can be done without having to sit in a classroom or in front of a study table with bulky assessment books. Instead, all the inconveniences are eradicated due to the digitization of content, thus students simply have to carry around their smartphone devices or tablets, which are much lighter. Furthermore, the question attempt feature in smartphone apps can address the concerns shared by parents as students can now apply their knowledge and assess their competency level by practising without the worry of not being able to re-attempt questions over and again.

GP Tuition Singapore features GP tuition centres that provide smartphone eLearning tools that will enhance the educational development of students. The GP tutors believe that studying for A Level General Paper should be made enjoyable through the utilization of smartphone technology since these tech-savvy students are more receptive towards this approach than conventional methods. Also, the GP tutors ensure that this learning approach remains exam-oriented by providing revision notes and practice questions that are based on the latest A Level General Paper syllabus.