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Aside from the A Level General Paper examination, JC students can take science-related or humanities-related subjects, depending on the stream they have selected. A Level Economics is one of the humanities-related subjects that students can choose. In relation to the GP Tuition Singapore portal, students can improve their JC Economics by joining the Economics tuition classes offered by Economicsfocus, which was set up by principal Economics tutor and founder Simon Ng.

The transition from secondary to pre-tertiary education can be challenging for some students due to the rigorous requirements of the A Level Economics syllabus and examination. According to the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), the Economics curriculum is divided into two parts: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Microeconomics involves the study of decisions made by individuals and firms towards resource allocations. Macroeconomics covers the assessment and decisions made by governments in affecting the economy as a whole.

Given that Economics is a humanities-related subject, the reading and writing skills acquired from General Paper are applicable and useful. With reference to the Economics case study question (CSQ) component, students have to read and analyse the sources carefully, so as to extract the relevant information and answer the questions effectively. Hence, students who attended both the GP tuition and economics tuition benefitted, in terms of information extraction and comprehension, critical analysis and writing proficiency.

About Economicsfocus

As one of the foremost Economics tutors in Singapore, Simon Ng founded Economicsfocus in 2003 to achieve the lifelong mission of nurturing competent students who are proficient in the Economics concept and capable in concept application to real-world case studies. Economics tutor Simon Ng’s passion in education has inspired many students to achieve excellence in their A Level Economics and beyond. He utilizes the Rational Thinking teaching methodology to guide students in their comprehension of various Economics concepts.

Why GP students should consider joining Economics tuition at Economicsfocus

Tutors of GP Tuition Singapore believe that it is important for students to write clearly, coherently and concisely, in order to excel in studies. Similar to our GP tuition classes, the Economics tuition programme at Economicsfocus stresses the importance of writing skills refinement and other exam-smart strategies, so as to overcome the common problems that students encounter in their educational journey.

Improve your Time Management

Given the limited time students have during the essay writing and case study questions sections (Paper 1 and 2), students should adapt to the stressful examination conditions. One common mistake that students make is the lack of adequate practice. As Economics tutor Simon Ng recognises the demands of the examination, he has prepared timed practice sessions, so that students are conditioned with the exam-ready mindset. While students are disinclined to undergo countless practices due to the seemingly-repetitive nature, it is necessary for students to do so. In doing so, it will be second-nature for students to form arguments around the identified points and write with precision and clarity. In addition, Economics tutor Simon Ng advises students to refrain from leaving this issue unaddressed until the final phase as the acquisition of time management skills is a long-term process.

Study efficiently using our concise revision materials

The pre-tertiary education covers many subjects that are both content-heavy and skills-intensive. Therefore, adequate time must be allocated to every subject, in order to cope with the pace of learning. As such, Economics tutor Simon Ng provides students of Economicsfocus with study resources and notes that will streamline the learning process. These materials are prepared by the tutor personally, whilst ensuring that the content remains relevant to the latest SEAB syllabus. Contrary to popular belief, students should avoid studying for extended periods, so as to ensure effective knowledge retention.  Hence, our revision materials serve to optimise learning, so that students have more time for other subjects, including A Level General Paper.

Capitalize on the complementary knowledge of Economics and general knowledge

Do not be daunted by the vast Economics concepts and depth of knowledge required to comprehend them. Students should approach the learning of A Level Economics with an inquisitive and positive mindset. During the Economics tuition classes at Economicsfocus, Economics tutor Simon Ng will tap on his teaching experience and knowledge of current affairs in the local and global scenes to help students to relate the Economics concepts to the real world examples. Through clear illustrations made by the Economics tutor, students will understand the concepts better. Furthermore, students who have joined our Economics tuition programme will realise that the knowledge gained is useful for their A Level General Paper as well. Students have remarked that they could provide relevant explanations and broaden the discussion from the economic perspective. For example, one student provided an insightful assessment of the economic repercussions of environmental degradation.

Economics Tuition Programme Offered

Our Economics tuition classes are conducted by one of the most sought-after Economics tutor Simon Ng, who has helped numerous students achieve greatness in their A Level Economics examination. The Economics tuition programme are conducted at our Bishan and Bukit Timah branches. The class activities include topical re-teaching, conceptual understanding with reference to real-world examples and class practice. In particular, students will be assessed on their writing proficiency and level of comprehension through the Economics essay and case study questions practices. After the practices, Economics tutor Simon Ng will review the answers and provide feedback, so that students can improve and raise their level of writing and quality of answers.

You can access the schedule for our regular Economics tuition classes as well as the current or upcoming intensive revision programme for J1 and J2 students. Alternatively, if you have any queries, please feel free to contact Economics tutor Simon Ng at 96890510 or email to

Hear from our students

Economicsfocus is happy to share with you about the successes achieved in the momentous and eventful education journeys that our students have undergone. Undoubtedly, we have to acknowledge the efforts put in by the students who remained steadfast even in the face of challenging times. Also, the dedicated Economic tutor Simon Ng has played a crucial role in aiding students to overcome their setbacks. Over time, those who persevered eventually prevailed and emerged successful as a confident and competent Economics student. Find out more about the personal experiences shared by our former students who have attended our Economics tuition and overcame the odds.

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