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Bishan Tuition Centres is one of the regional educational online portal for students and parents to find out more about the tuition centres in the Bishan and Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood.

As many parents have shared with our featured tuition centres in Bishan, the high stakes and competitive examination have spurred parents to seek out reliable tutors for academic support. However, one of the obstacles that parents faced was the difficulty of identifying suitable tuition centres that are managed by competent and motivational tutors. Furthermore, JC students who are studying for the A Level General Paper expressed their concerns over hectic school schedule that make time management challenging.

Our featured tutors have acknowledged these issues. Therefore, Bishan Tuition Centres was established as a one-stop site for parents and students to seek out renowned tuition centres and engage the tutors, so as to achieve the aim of academic success.

GP Tuition Centre in Bishan AMK

Bishan Tuition Centres features GP tuition centres that offer GP tuition classes for JC1 and JC2 students who are living in the Bishan and Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood. One such centre is, which is run by GP Tutor Simon Ng, who spearheads the teaching curriculum. Under the tutelage of GP Tutor Simon Ng, students will improve their comprehension of GP through thematic and issue-based discussion.

In addition, active classroom engagement is encouraged in the GP tuition lessons, in which students will interact with the GP tutors to expand the discussion of related topics, so as enhance the level of understanding. Besides, class practices will be conducted to assess the writing proficiency of students, such as GP Essay writing and Application Question (AQ) practices.

Besides the GP tuition centres, Bishan Tuition Centres also feature other related JC tuition centres that are located in the Bishan and Ang Mo Kio areas. For example, Economicsfocus provide Economics tuition at Bishan. The JC Economics tutor of Economicsfocus conduct both regular Economics tuition and intensive revision programmes, so that students receive adequate practice to be exam ready for the A Level Economics examination.

Enrich The Learning Experience of Students at Bishan Tuition Centres

GP Tutors have acknowledged that students should avoid confining the learning process to classrooms solely. Conventional ways of studying, such as hardcopy textbook references and lectures, have limited effectiveness in ensuring that students understand and remember the key concepts taught by educators. Besides, some students raised the issue that learning is a dull and boring process if teachers insist on retaining the traditional teaching structure.

E-Learning Videos for Tech-Savvy Students

Bishan Tuition Centres provides alternative solutions that will address these issues. For students who are seeking more enjoyable options of learning, they can try the E-Learning features in our educational portal. One such feature is the introduction of educational videos that are either prepared by the GP tutors themselves or extracted from related educational sources. While a picture speaks a thousand words, a video can encapsulate complex ideas that are made simpler to digest and process.  The educational videos can be used for different learning purposes. One such purpose is to intensify the comprehension of key issues in the related theme. For instance, in the context of A Level General Paper, a video will discuss impacts of technological advancement by covering different categories, such as the economic, social and psychological repercussions.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips with our Bishan Tuition Centres Apps

We have entered a technologically-driven age, in which the new generation of learners has been exposed to a variety of tech gadgets and media platforms, such as smartphones and social media sites. Hence, the GP tutors have concluded that it will be an effective way to reach out to students via our Bishan Tuition Centres app. In accordance with the significant shift in learning preferences, the app is designed to maintain the interest and attention of the users via the interaction functions. More importantly, the essential information about the featured Bishan tuition centres as well as the learning resources are accessible in the apps. As such, students do not have to go through the hassle of browsing through throngs of search engine results to answer their queries about the study of A Level General Paper and other related JC subjects, such as A Level Economics.

Broaden Your Understanding of General Paper with our Online Learning Blog

The study of A Level General Paper can be done before and after classes, as exemplified by the gradual inclusion of ‘Flipped Classroom’ learning models. Also, the scarcity of time is exacerbated by the rigorous demands of every A Level subject curriculum, which requires students to spend extensive amounts of time to stay on track. Therefore, Bishan Tuition Centres introduced the Online Learning Blog to feature articles written by the tutors from the renowned tuition centres listed in the portal. The articles cover different topics, such as useful studying tips for GP students and pre-exam strategies for students during the most crucial phase of their studies. Other general issues are mentioned as well, such as the considerations to make when selecting suitable subjects for students deciding between the Science or Arts stream at the A Level.

Expand Your Coverage of Study with our JC Tuition Centres in Bishan and Ang Mo Kio

Students who are taking the A Level GP examination can also register for other JC tuition programmes. Bishan Tuition Centres feature not only GP tuition centres, but also other JC tuition centres in Bishan, Ang Mo Kio, like Economicsfocus and These centres provide Economics tuition and JC History tuition in the Bishan neighbourhood. The classes are conducted by experienced and passionate JC Economics and History tutors.

The JC tuition programmes are split into two types: regular tuition and intensive revision. For regular tuition, students taking Economics or JC History tuition will undergo topical-based re-teaching and discussion, as well as class practices to reinforce learning. For intensive revision, the classes are conducted during the school holidays, such as March, June and September. The lessons are geared towards examination preparation, so students will undergo extensive class practice and refinement of essay writing skills and case study answering techniques. Besides, during and after classes, students can engage with the JC Economics and History tutors for consultation, so as to clear their doubts about the subject(s).