About GP Tuition Singapore

GP Tuition Singapore was set up for provide students and parents an accessible and convenient online platform to find out more about GP tuition. Our renowned GP tuition centres are managed by experienced GP tutors, such as GP tutor Simon Ng, and will nurture students to become reflective thinkers and prolific writers.

At this GP tuition portal, aside from seeking out some of the best GP tuition centres in Singapore, you can gain insightful knowledge via our GP essay writing and comprehension skills and GP notes pages. In addition, stay up-to-date with our GP current affairs column which will feature recent local and international topics.

Our primary aim is to guide students to refine their thinking and writing abilities, so as to ace the A Level General Paper examination. For students who are apprehensive about this subject, fret no more. We have exam-oriented resources and guidance that will aid you in your educational journey.

Our Story

At the early stages of the development, the Principal GP Tutor and Educator Director Simon Ng conducted General Paper and Economics tuition classes for students at Bishan and Bukit Timah. In the process, Simon recognized the importance of establishing a strong online presence to reach out to the students and parents who are looking for guidance in A Level GP and Economics. Therefore, Generalpaper.com.sg and Economicsfocus were set up since 2003. Since then, Simon has remained steadfast in nurturing every batch of JC students and helping them excel in their studies. Through the feedback that we have received from students and parents, GP Tuition Singapore was established in 2016. Now, we have been refining our teaching methods, such as the inclusion of social media platforms and eLearning tools, that will improve the effectiveness of concept comprehension and examination skills application.

What We Do

At this GP Tuition Singapore education portal, we will provide many useful resources that will help students improve their learning and parents to find out more about the GP tuition centres. Our main objective is to nurture students and ensure that they achieve academic success in their A Level General Paper examination.

Enrich Your Learning at our GP Tuition Centres

At GP Tuition Singapore, you can sign up with our renowned GP tuition centres, such as Generalpaper.com.sg and GP Tuition Bishan, that are managed by experienced JC GP tutors, like GP tutor Simon Ng, who are committed in guiding students to improve their thinking and writing skills, so that they are exam-ready. Our GP tuition centres will conduct regular GP tuition classes and intensive revision programmes that will raise the level of essay writing skills  and improve the comprehension answering techniques.

Achieve Holistic Learning at our JC Tuition Centres

Aside from the provision of GP tuition classes, GP Tuition Singapore, as an integrated online education portal, features other related JC tuition centres that cover Economics tuition and JC History tuition. These JC tuition centres in Singapore are managed by experienced and highly sought-after Economics and JC History tutors who are passionate in aiding students in their academic endeavours.

What is GP Tuition Singapore About

Given the rigorous examination requirements of A Level General Paper, GP Tuition Singapore provides students the essential study resources and guidance that are instrumental in the revision process.

Educate Students to become Informed Individuals

For students seeking to improve their general knowledge, they can view the issues that are discussed and covered by our GP tutors. The issues are categorized according to the main areas, such as cultures, environment and social media. Every issue comprises of the GP Notes, GP Essays and Current Affairs.

For GP Notes, the study materials will be useful for students who are looking for reliable and exam-friendly resources that will cover the related issue adequately, so that they are well-read and aware of the key terms and discussion points.

For GP Essays, we provide both essay outlines and full essays as reference, so that students have a better understanding of the ideal structure and method of answering. Also, the essays are written with the consideration of the limited time that students have during examination, so that the length of essay is realistic and feasible to emulate.

For the Current Affairs section, students can examine both the past and recent news that relate to the specific issue. It is essential as students are expected to be well-informed on the developments on the local and global scenes. Furthermore, the news information is applied in the examination context, so as to ensure that the knowledge extracted remains applicable and exam-oriented. For instance, our GP tutors provided elaboration on how the news on air pollution can be used to support the views discussed in the topic of environment, such as the complexity of issues in hindering the co-operative efforts to mitigate the damaging effects of environmental degradation.

Established as an integrated and reliable online education platform

It is our belief that knowledge should remain accessible to all individuals, especially parents and students, so as to encourage further progress in terms of educational and personal development. Therefore, GP Tuition Singapore was set up with that consideration to become a reliable and credible online portal to learn more about A Level General Paper and the available GP tuition centres in Singapore. Besides the provision of GP tuition classes for students in need of guidance, GP Tuition Singapore also provides students and inquisitive individuals an effective and enjoyable way to learn about how the world works through the varied perspectives that are set by our prolific GP tutors.