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Be inspired by our students who have excelled at the exams.
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Student Testimonials

Be inspired by our students who have excelled at the exams.
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GP Tuition Singapore

Do you have what it takes to ace your A Level General Paper examinations? Fret not, GP Tuition Singapore offers a comprehensive learning solutions to match your needs, such as available online issue-specific resources, GP essays, GP comprehension and skills development tips. Should you require further assistance in your mastery of this A Level subject, you can sign up for our JC GP Tuition at Bishan, Bedok and Tampines to become reflective thinkers and confident writers.

During the GP Tuition classes, we cover a broad range of class activities, namely discussions of current local and global issues to promote independent and active thinking and GP comprehension and essay writing skills workshops to refine your answering methods.

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What’s New This Month

As part of our GP Issues series, our GP tuition programme will feature a specific topic for JC students to examine closely. Each topic will feature a wide range of perspectives, such as the social, economic, political, psychological and individual impacts. The learning resources contain online videos, essays and notes to support your comprehension of the topic. With this integrated online learning platform, we expand your knowledge that can be applied to GP essay and comprehension questions, enabling you to ace the General Paper examinations.

GP Tuition on Environment

In the upcoming month, our thematic discussion will be centered on the topic of Environment, where we will introduce an in-depth study of the importance of the Environment in our lives. Through various perspectives, we get to see how the topic can be further segmented into different categories so that students can broaden the scope of discussion. Our GP academic study on Environment will uncover how our lives, societies, economies and nations are intertwined with Earth’s Environment and lend insight on the Environment’s global impacts.

Our tutors believe that these regular thematic discussions can help our students to build their knowledge and perspectives on global issues, which in turn, nurture their essay writing content development as well as their argumentative reasoning skills.

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What We Teach in our GP Tuition

Do you have what it takes to ace the A Level General Paper examination? Fret not. Enrol in our GP tuition to access our GP notes and essays and acquire essay and comprehension answering techniques to be ready for the uncertainties of the examination. Be inspired by passionate GP tutors at the GP tuition classes in Bishan, Tampines and Bedok. In this section, learn more about the class activities and useful learning resources that you can access as a student of GP Tuition Singapore.

Comprehension Answering Skills

Develop an analytical mind to comprehend GP issues found in the given comprehension passages at our GP tuition programme. Learn how to read, annotate and extract information to answer short questions, summary and AQ.

Essay Writing Skills

Our GP tuition classes will equip you with the essential essay writing techniques, such as outline setting, causation writing and use of rebuttal, to develop convincing and logical GP essay arguments.

GP Notes

Revise for your GP examinations with our exam-oriented GP notes, which are organized into separate topics, such as environment, culture and education. Within each topic, we feature key definitions, impact analysis and solutions.

GP Essays

Express persuasive arguments effectively with our sample GP essays that are featured in our GP tuition classes. You can also access them in our learning portals, including GP Tuition Singapore, to view the essays conveniently.

Know how we help JC students in our GP tuition

GP Tuition Singapore can help students to ace their A Level GP examinations via the conduct of GP tuition classes that provide widespread educational benefits, such as the acquisition of proficient GP essay writing techniques. The GP tuition programme is planned by principal GP tutor Simon Ng, who has 20 years of teaching experience in both A Level GP and Economics. Under his guidance and close supervision, GP tutors will impart their knowledge and skills to students to ace the examination.


The conduct of A Level GP classes is based on an exam-oriented teaching methodology, known as the Sensible Minds approach. This teaching approach was formulated by GP tutor Simon Ng, who advocates the development of thinking and writing skills that enable students to handle the complexities of the challenges in schools and beyond. Students will learn how to read intently, think critically, and write proficiently. The positive spillover effects of GP skills acquisition on other A Level subjects is testimony to the applicability of this teaching approach.

GP Essay Writing Skills

The cultivation of application skills can be observed in two aspects, which aligns with the feature of two exam components: GP essay and comprehension questions. For the former, students must acquire the necessary essay writing skills to score in this paper. Students who enrol in our GP tuition classes will be introduced to wide-ranging skills, such as introduction setting, paragraph development, perspective setting, and categorization. These skills are useful and exam-oriented as students can present their ideas in an organized and persuasive manner, thereby raising their GP essay grades.

GP Comprehension Skills

As for the GP comprehension skills development, its importance is emphasized due to the changing examination trends in the recent years. During the GP tuition programme, students will learn how to extract factual information from the given passage(s). Then, students will identify the implications of key words, phrases, or sentences that may guide them to answer specific comprehension question types. Other skills, such as inference and word substitution, are essential, particularly in the summary and application question (AQ) components. Hence, through regular practice, students will build up their familiarity towards the different GP comprehension questions and score in the paper.

JC GP Tutor

Our principal JC GP Tutor, Mr Simon Ng has over 30 years in the Singapore tuition industry. His experience in dealing with the pitfalls of the GCE A Levels Examination enables him to specially design GP Tuition Notes and teaching methodology for students to excel in the GCE A Level General Paper Examination.

Comprehensive GP Issues Discussions, Essays and Notes

Students can explore the various GP themes that are organized in an exam-friendly way to facilitate the ease of revision for the A Level GP examinations. Within each GP theme, students can examine issues that feature articles written by prolific academics, journalists, and professionals in other fields. These articles are insightful as students can approach the issues from alternate perspectives. The topics covered will spark interest as students try to understand the significance of the discussions and debates. Also, featured videos will generate interest as students have a visually-attractive medium to comprehend the issues and events that relate to the theme. Lastly, there are GP essay questions that will create opportunities for students to apply their knowledge. Students who join our GP tuition classes can access more in-depth coverage of the content enrichment segment and gain an advantage over their peers at schools.

We have all gone through it, but have we ever thought much about what we are or were going through? From the perennial debate on the underlying purpose of education to the ability of our education system to stay relevant and build tomorrow’s leaders, there is a great deal that’s up for debate, and a great deal that rests on the answers to these difficult questions. After all, the future of our nation is at stake!

How does Science and Technology affect our society?

How does Science and Technology affect our society?

What’s New – Science and Technology For the month ahead, we shall be looking into the history and the impacts of Science and Technology on the society. These blog articles are targeted at increasing your familiarity and setting you poised for the topic on...

You can describe nuclear fission step-by-step, but have you considered whether its discovery can be blamed for the millions of deaths in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? You can wax lyrical about Bt-resistant corn and featherless broilers, but have you considered why many around the world consider such produce to be poison? You can explain carbon dating, but have you wondered if knowing how we came to be explains why we came to be, if there is even a why? Often, an increased understanding of scientific and technical knowledge brings up more interesting and exciting questions than it answers!

Is censorship becoming increasingly necessary in today’s world?

Is censorship becoming increasingly necessary in today’s world?

Violation of Rights of the Individual Censorship has always been criticized by liberals as the violation of the rights of the individuals as it is seen as a measure that undermines freedom of speech. However, as our society becomes more complex, the result of higher...

The world has shrunk as we become more interconnected through the advent of internet technology as social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube become part and parcels of our life. We are now more connected than before, fostering better relationship among people as we broaden our social circles. While the individuals are empowered socially, economically and politically, we are also in the entrapment of the social media as we face the dire consequences of the ill effects of social media.

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Our Tuition Centres in Singapore

Students who need further assistance in their revision for the A Level subjects, on top of General Paper, can sign up at our featured tuition centres in Singapore. These centres are managed by renowned JC tutors, who have been involved directly in the nurturing of exam-oriented skills and knowledge to build up the exam confidence of students. Students who enrolled in our tuition centres have expressed their gratitude towards the GP tutors, whose efforts have contributed to their personal success stories. specializes in the conduct of GP tuition programmes that are geared towards content enrichment on a thematic basis and skills-based application. For the content development, students will learn how to examine the issues that are debated frequently at the local and international levels. Within these issues, students will uncover the intricacies and complexities that concealed to the untrained eye. Throughout the journey, students will enrich their minds and expand their scope of assessment in addressing various issues, such that they possess the skillsets to tackle the A Level General Paper examination questions.

Economics Focus

Economics Focus offer economics tuition classes that are driven towards the cultivation of effective essay writing skills and case study answering techniques. The JC economics tutors will guide students through the study of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, which can be a daunting process for some. Topical re-teaching classes are featured to aid students in their building up of knowledge, in which key terms are introduced and elaborated on. Also, real world examples are featured to help students to relate the economic concepts effectively. Furthermore, students will learn how to refine their essay writing and case study skills via class practices.

We offer JC history tuition classes that place greater emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills. This means that students will be encouraged to explore the themes of International History and Post-Independent Southeast Asian History activity. For instance, the tutors will create opportunities for students to pose intriguing questions and express opinionated views to promote discussion. By doing so, students will develop the skills of independent thinking, which is crucial to excel in the A Level History examination. In addition, the tutors will review the essays and case study answers of students and provide feedback to improve their exam performance.

Hear from our Students

Be inspired by students who have overcame the odds. We are glad to share these success stories as their determination have paid off. We believe that you can do the same. Enquire more and enrol in our GP tuition to get started in this meaningful and enriching journey. We look forward to your attendance.

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