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At, our GP tuition is not just a tuition programme that will strive to get our students Grade A in the 8807 General Paper examinations but a programme that aims to nurture intellectual individuals with the Sensible Mind and achieve academic grade. We want to shape students to become critical and analytical individual who can articulate logically, prolific writers who can write expressively and coherently and meticulous and organized and sharp articulator who reflect and opinionate correctly to questions.

We believe in shaping our students in this development as the skills we nurture and the knowledge we imbue in them will enable them to excel in examinations. To be a good writer and thinker is not an easy task to achieve and students must understand that it is an arduous learning journey but we believe that our tuition programme will be able to help our students become the reflective thinker and prolific writer with the Sensible Mind.

GP Skills Development Workshop

Develop Reading Techniques, AQ skills & Rebuttal Writing Skills

As part of our GP Tuition programme, we focus on the development of the two essential skills for Essay Writings and Comprehension Practices. A good reading procedure applied under examination condition will enhance quick and effective comprehension of the proposition and main ideas of the passage, enabling you to answer AQs and summary questions effectively. Rebuttal Technique is an important part of writing skills as you will need it to show how you prove your opposing view is wrong and demonstrate how the extent of agreement is argued. We will also be enriching your content knowledge for the topic on science and technology to enhance your application of these skills in our essay practices and discussion.

What we will be teaching

Lesson 1 – Read correctly to comprehend well

Learn the right reading process to enable our students to comprehend effectively the main ideas in the passage to facilitate their application of knowledge to the requirements of the AQs and the Summary Questions. Our students will learn how to categorize their facts, identify the main ideas and understand the causation. Reading correctly to comprehend well the content of the passage will also help our students to answer the SAQs more effectively and properly.

Lesson 2 – Respond logically to the views of the writer

Comprehend the writer’s views and develop the points of arguments to agree and rebut the writer’s ideas which are the gist of teaching we want our students to conceive in the AQ Answering techniques. Our students will be taught on how to explain the writer’s view and develop points of agreement and rebuttal to respond the requirements of AQs.

Lesson 3 – Figure it out and explain logically

Figurative expression and factual explanation written by the writer are part of the areas of questioning that will be tested and we will show our students the comprehension and answering techniques to answer these types of questions. We enhance their skills to think and respond to the requirements of the questions and develop the answers in a logical manner.

Lesson 4 – Know more about the latest development in Science and Technology

We will enrich our students’ understanding of the main issues debated in this area of Science and Technology. The focus of the lesson is not just to provide facts and information but relate them to past years GCE A level questions for General Paper. Our approach is more on the use of information, not just on the enrichment of content.

Lesson 5 – Discuss and write it out

Learning is not complete unless the students can apply what they have learnt. We will put our students to practice to assess whether their learning has become part of skills acquired and prepare them well for examination.

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An Enriching and Result-oriented GP Tuition Programme

Features of our GP Tuition Programme

This tuition programme seeks to enlighten and catechize the sensible mind of our students. We want to shape our students to become knowledgeable individuals who are perpetual keen learners capable to acquire knowledge in a systematic and reflective manner. We also transform our students into intellectual individuals who are capable in making constructive and meaningful arguments in any education discourse. We are also prepared to nurture our students’ skills in thinking and writing to guide them not only for academic excellence but for their careers too.

Be Enriched with Knowledge

Our students will be trained in an orderly and systematic manner where their knowledge will be accumulated in paradigms which will expand their horizons of thinking in a very efficient and enriching manner. Knowledge is only meaningful when it is utilized purposefully and accurately and we strive to educate our students to know how to possess knowledge, arrange knowledge and utilize knowledge. We also strive to raise their keen quest for knowledge, seeing it as source of food for thoughts that they need for the enrichment of the intellectual mind. Our students will not only be poised for academic excellence but aspired to be the passionate learners in life.

Be Opinionated and Adaptive

‘Adaptive is the buzz word for examination. Our students will be trained to adapt to the complexity of the examination as they are conditioned in a learning environment where they have learnt to think and write spontaneously and logically under the constraint of examination. We believe in shaping our students to be able to derive a structure of development for their essay writing paper within minutes and derive answers for the questions in the comprehension passage deductively. All these capacities and skills are nurtured through our skills development programmes and class discussion and practices as we place great emphasis on being opinionated and reflective. We create the learning environment to shape students to be thinker, orator, and writer to poise for academic excellence.

Be Nurtured with the Thinking and Writing Skills

We transform our students thinking, writing and answering skills to shape them to be sharper and articulate in arguments, precise and expressive in writing and direct and organized in answering. Essay writing skills and comprehension answering techniques are part of the learning programmes we will introduce to raise your acumen to think, proficiency to write and capability to answer.  These skills are the key part of methodology of teaching for a subject like General Paper which has no fixed content of teaching and rely extensively on the thinking and writing skills of the students. We educate our students to become students to the articulative thinker and prolific writer.

“To be a good writer and thinker is not an easy task to achieve and students must understand that it is an arduous learning journey but we believe that our tuition programme will be able to help our students become the reflective thinker and prolific writer with the Sensible Mind.”

We Aspire Your Learning

What you’ll learn in our General Paper Tuition

What do we do in our GP tuition that will achieve the aspiration of our students? We can as our teaching activities are focusing on developing their knowledge, inducing their thinking, raising their competency in utilizing information and developing their techniques for examination.

Argue your Way

To train our students’ articulation and capacity for causation, our lessons focus on teaching activities on opinion develop and systematic writing techniques on how to make arguments for different types of essays and questions in comprehension. Techniques are taught in a step-by-step approach with extensive hands-on exercises to sharpen, ensuring that our students competency is developed. We strive to make our students acquire these GP essay writing skills as part of their thinking and writing behaviours. Essay writing skills on structural development, causation, rebuttal and other areas of development are part of the development of our lessons for essay writing. We imbue in our students the capabilities to utilize their acumen of knowledge to argue their stance to excel in their essay writing paper.

Comprehend and Answer Logically

To raise our students’ competency to comprehend their passage and answer logically and accurately for the comprehension paper, our lessons focus on the reading, extraction and answering techniques. Reading techniques focusing on reading and comprehension of the passage and answering techniques on different types of question are part of the learning process to build the examination behavior for comprehension paper. Our lessons cover a wide range of areas of learning for the various types of questions on language-based, factual-based, inference-based, summary questions, application-based question and other types of questions which are key components of teaching in our GP Tuition.

Practice makes Perfect

We believe in practicing what we have taught and not just listening to what we have said. Without practices, we do not believe that our students will improve. We allocate an hour of writing practices during our lessons to ensure that the teachings we try to inculcate is put into practices and become part of the acquired thinking, writing and answering behaviours. Practices must be reviewed to assure that our students understand their errors and ways to improve. These practices also build up our students’ spontaneous response in thinking, writing and answering techniques to develop intellectual opinions and logical causation in discourse and discussion. Though these engaging class discussion and class practices on essay writing and comprehension, our students will be conditioned to perform under time constraint of examination as they will develop the acquired thinking and writing behaviours to poise for academic excellence.

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The GP Achiever with The Sensible Mind

Excelling at General Paper Examinations

Our GP tuition programme educates our students to be the achiever of academic success and career development and the intellects of the 21st century in this globalized word. Our students will be able to make sound, sensible and intelligent opinion in any social, business and political discourse that they will engage in their future. In a world where complexity is deep and wide and engagement in social media is a prevalent part of our lives, we prepare our student to meet the challenges to engage in discussion, reflect their opinions, resolve their dilemmas and propose suggestions pose in this globalized world dominated by the social media. Our tuition progamme will not only prepare them for academic success but make them the GP Achievers that shape their success as the intellects of tomorrow.

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